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  • just discovered these guys, I'm in love
  • Вообще неплохо
  • is they britney spears 'toxic' cover even real
  • Romanticism is indeed another Solid effort. The composition and the writing is done amazingly and the hard-industrial sound adds so much layer and texture its crazy. Fuki have done absolute great job producing the record as well. I just wish there were more groovy/ bass-ey tracks such as To the Left and Hopeless.
  • Romanticism is fantastic especially Body and the new version of Composition V. I'm always so hyped when they announce new stuff. PS: I wish that they consider a digital release of I Survive in iTunes too...
  • Sublime sounds
  • Learn to stand, walk, run, climb and dance. One cannot fly into flying.
  • omg their stuff is so damn good
  • Holy Shit! New album this autumn! Produced by Maki Fujii. Sounds very industrial! Can't bloody Wait! I am so excited!
  • Shame Minoru decided to leave the band. With Kosuke and him gone, I hope this band remains a viable Post-Punk band! In Kent I trust!
  • 6/25 Minoru last live
  • The new EP is just excellent!
  • don't goooo don't goooo <3 :D
  • "LOST"も流石の出来。TOWERの特典はライブDVDとインストアライヴの整理券。
  • "You Stand Alone" Awesome!!!
  • New EP ''Lost'' is to be released February. I am hyped beyond any imagination!
  • wow, how is this band so good? the last minute of "Broken Receiver" is fucking AMAZING
  • I'm in love with "Peak Experience" <3
  • v it sounds sort of like Interpol too
  • It looks like Interpol !
  • The new Single ''I Survive'' Is Exclussive to Tower Record in Japan. Damn it!
  • Re/composition is masterpiece [6] ... love all of them, track 1, 2, 3, and 11 at the most ... Lillies and Remains, amazingly talented guys ... world is waiting your "blast" emergence ...
  • november
  • Re/composition es uno de mis álbumes favoritos de 2012 :)
  • fantastic!!
  • fucking cool
  • Re/composition is masterpiece [5]
  • Re/composition is masterpiece [4]
  • Re-composition is masterpiece [3]
  • Re-composition is masterpiece
  • much better than NEW plasticzooms...
  • new picture Kosuke is out.
  • TRANSPERSONAL is great album. [3]
  • TRANSPERSONAL is great album. [2] can't stop listen it. ALL songs <3
  • when I first listened to them a couple of years ago, I didn't really like their music that much, but now I'm kinda obsessed with them :D
  • 666 listeners of Devaloka . :D
  • I'd agree with the poster below me, they're by no means a straightforward goth rock band but they've definitely got some influence. Keep in mind they're also named after a Bauhaus song, which says a bit as well. They're an amazing band as well, really glad I stumbled across them!
  • What are people talking about? There are some Gothic rock influence there with the heavy use of dub music, bass guitar and drum and the muffled sound. It might not be a heavy use of Gothic rock, but ther are some element there.
  • love it, but sounds a little too similar to Interpol :p which is nevertheless a great band as well
  • TRANSPERSONAL is great album. The most favorite song is Injustice.
  • てか、新しいアルバムが一番すき_〆(・_・。)
  • шлак not gothic rock lol :# Pop-fap :S
  • It's not gothic rock, it's called new wave. Anyway, the videos from are nice, there are even subtitles! I hope this shows the interest of the band in doing overseas lives!
  • love <3
  • this may sound like a really stupid question, but: gothic rock?


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