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  • It's a damn shame about these guys breaking up. Will have to keep an eye on where the members go, all very talented.
  • belated RIP. band was so fucking good.
  • rip :/
  • Such a great band, their album covers remind me of Hoobastank.
  • i've only just discovered this band :(
  • All good bands are breaking up nowadays :c
  • New album is amazing! It's such a shame that these guys are breaking up.
  • Awesome songwriting going on. [2] Blacklisted is amazing.
  • 'Blacklisted' has some catchy tracks!
  • Check and rate their releases on Hardcore Database
  • Pretty cool. They sound like Conditions.. which is a good thing ;P
  • Awesome songwriting going on. Nice
  • Pop-Punk meets Post-Hardcore. Not bad though.
  • Great band.
  • like it
  • Beautiful music, guys :3
  • The Adele cover is pretty much perfection, Pat's vocals are amazing.
  • Their cover of Adele's "Someone Like You" is amazing <3
  • Struggle + Sleep is such an great song to wake up to.
  • @MindCanvas, The Similar Artist lists are generated by what other listeners of this band listen to. There isn't any conscious mind behind the lists that are looking to show you similar artists genre wise. It sucks a lot of the times.
  • Their new album is soooo legit
  • they are pretty good :D
  • Please check out my band! you're gonna like it!
  • I've been a fan for awhile...but the new album just blew me away.
  • Read my interview with the band HERE !!!
  • Read my review of the new album HERE !!!
  • favorite cd right now [2]
  • RIP RP
  • favorite cd right now, all of you look really weird.
  • woah digging this new shit! interesting vocals and everything.
  • Struggle + Sleep is so sweet!
  • great new cd
  • this album is fucking great [2]
  • this album is fucking great
  • I've been listening to this shit like nonstop for the past 10 days since I posted that last comment, lol. I take it back this- this band goes hard
  • it's hard to find the best song, the full-lenght it's pretty amazing **
  • Conditions are way better, sorry. Not saying these guys are bad, but Conditions are just *incredible*.
  • new disk is way more solid than the conditions full-length, bro
  • Diet Conditions to me for sure, but the new disc has its moments
  • new album is amazing.
  • LOVE the new cd.
  • ok, new the version of Southern Girls is incredible. :))
  • New stuff sounds pretty impressive.
  • New single is incredible. The album is gonna be so good. [3] I'm also stoked for the new version of Southern Girls. I loooove that song.
  • New single is incredible. The album is gonna be so good. [2]
  • New single is incredible. The album is gonna be so good.
  • I've had that cover on my iPod for about a year, and just yesterday decided to check out their EP, and it's really interesting how they mixed post-hardcore instruments with pop vocals. It's great, and really catchy.
  • this music never gets old, but what saddens me, is that a fucking cover is the their top listened to song


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