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  • Волшебная музыка
  • check this facebook group with stoner rock, psychedelic, progressive, desert rock, space rock, instrumental and more:
  • Great new album & love the opening song.
  • The Cosmic Union 2001 - Lamp of The Universe, the acid folk/psychedelic project of Craig Williamson from Hamilton, New Zealand. Craig uses sitar, acoustic/electric guitar, tablas, flute, blissed out voice and blends elements of space/folk/blues with sounds from the Eastern shore for hippiesque psychedelia. The Cosmic Union" is an album that beautifully highlights the ethereal psychedelic oneness of our time here on planet earth. -.-.-.-. om hari om ..... ॐ
  • astral...
  • I feel like different person after listening The Cosmic Union, and i like that. thanks for the music man.
  • Great music! Best regards from Poland and Psychosonda - blog about psychedelic music!
  • Pure and beautiful
  • grooovy
  • Thankyou for listening to my music brothers and sisters :) Best wishes and lotsa love! Craig.
  • soo cosmic
  • Wow, didn't realize this was a one man project. Makes it all the more impressive.
  • sorry about that
  • Its been quiet on the Lamp of the Universe praise front.
  • chillium zone
  • space is the place
  • this blows me away. listenning to "the cosmic union" jus gives me chills. amazing stuff!
  • The latest album is pretty good
  • ^-^
  • New Album Sooooooon!!! Hello Brothers and Sisters! The new Lamp of the Universe album has been completed (Mixed, Mastered etc). here's the details: LAMP OF THE UNIVERSE - ACID MANTRA Release date 1st March 2009. Astral Projection NZ on CD Cat No.AST007 Track List: 1. Love Eternal 2. Searching For A Sign 3. Astral planes of Knowing 4. Into Dhyanna 5. Our Journey 6. Freedom 7. Universe Within 7th Lamp of the Universe album. Returns with new music in the vein of albums: The Cosmic Union, Echo in Light & Earth, Spirit & Sky. Instruments/Sounds used: Accustic and Electric Guitars, Sitar, Tanpura, Saz, Banjo, Bass, Drums, Tablas, Bongos, Bells, Sythesizers, Mellotron, Space sounds, Cosmic drones, Ritual Chants, Lead & Backing Vocals.
  • my tongue is the drum, my mind's the machine
  • /slot
  • I ARE DE LIGHT OF DE WORLD. and de light of de N1 wif my extra blackhawk hunting light. i can shoot de peester off a dassie at 350 meters. dat is sum fokkin light, heh?
  • your mother is the light of the world
  • ahhhhh, i feel alive!
  • There's special moments in my life that only Lamp of the Universe slots into.
  • amazing!
  • like whoa
  • this is so chilllll. excellent!
  • Nothing post-rock about it. Heru CD re-release just out, Arc of Ascent CDR & Datura - Visions for the Celestial re-release too...
  • very relaxing music, postrock? nah
  • Postrock? Seriously?
  • Hippy Psychadelic Folk, how better to describe it. Beautiful.

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