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La Orquesta de Animales is a and band from Mexico City that formed in 2004. Their only members were Adolfo Sarabia on Bass, Carlos Bolívar on guitar and on drums. The band released a limited CD which was titled in 2006.

La Orquesta de Animales originally organized the first in 2006.

You can listen to some tracks in their official

The following text is from their official myspace page:

We strive for joyous ruptures: time as an arrow is hell; time is the oppressor and our deadly
fatigue. We want out! Music is our ticket out of sordid states of mind. Those who love sound
as much as we do, know for a fact that such a domain allows glimpses of something called
eternity. We love to trip, indoors, outdoors: we are psychonauts born too late! When we play,
dreams come pouring out of the void: our aim is to reach that place, the invisible landscape,
and fuse with madness- carelessly.


Adolfo Sarabia,
Bass (The Sweet Leaf, THC)

Fernando Benítez,
Drums (The Sweet Leaf, THC, El Diablo)

Carlos Bolívar,
Guitar (El Brujo).

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