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  • MOH gives me a headache.
  • to be honest, i'll be listening out of pure curiosity ..obviously these wouldn't have seen the light of day, if Kurt were alive ..but it's still a neat insight into his way of composing stuff. even if stans would consider this capital sin..
  • "Sappy" demo (which has been released on bootlegs for ages) is the highlight, I always loved that one. Sparse and dark sounding. "And I Love Her" and "Reverb Experiment" were interesting, but the rest is pretty much bootleg material that should not be released commercially.
  • In the cartoon American Dad there is an episode where a guy hides in a singer's hotel room and records him gargling in the bathroom then sells bootleg tapes of it to obsessed fans. This is what this release reminds me of. No one was supposed to hear this stuff, and really no one should want to.
  • Fiquem felizes por esse trabalho ai ter sido lançado, se não gostou não fique, mas é claro que não seria algo grandioso, e parem de ficar se preocupando pra onde o dinheiro dessas merdas vão. (mas é claro que ele jamais lançaria uma coisa dessa, vocês tem demência por acaso ?)
  • one of the worst releases of all time
  • Heavy Pop Review:
  • Montage of Heck is bottom of the barrel. I doubt these would've ever been released if he were alive. Cash grab.
  • These demos didn't deserve to be released commercially. Kurt would never release something like this. [3]
  • Porra essas fitas são mais ruins do que eu esperava, mas estou satisfeita até. Só espero que já tenham sugado tudo o que tinha pra sugar dele :(
  • These demos didn't deserve to be released commercially. Kurt would never release something like this. [2]
  • Montage of Heck soundtrack is pretty solid. [4]
  • These demos didn't deserve to be released commercially. Kurt would never release something like this.
  • 5/10 for me. its nice to hear all the personal stuff he did mucking around on his own, but id rather just let it be. love 5 or 6 songs though
  • Montage of Heck soundtrack is pretty solid. [3]
  • Montage of Heck soundtrack is pretty solid. [2] it's such a strange album too, unlike anything I've heard this year
  • Montage of Heck soundtrack is pretty solid. The Yodel Song is cool.
  • Well, he won't be coming to Brazil.
  • Come to Brazil!!!
  • And l love her... <3
  • The most handsome man ever.
  • Did he really cover "Across the Universe?"
  • vem álbum vem
  • My eternal love
  • Parece estar más que confirmado
  • comia ele e a filha [/rafinha] <3
  • and I love her <3
  • please come to brazil [2]
  • WWKD What would Kurt Do? I always ask myself... you know, besides kill myself.
  • please come to brazil
  • i miss when music was good, 2 bad it died when kurt died u were one of a kind too bad society didnt get that... rip kurt rip music
  • Kurt would have loved Screamo
  • best of the best
  • I can't believe that it's already been 20 years since his death. It still bothers me.
  • Happy Birthday Legend
  • Oh God, please bring back my lovely kurt and take justin bieber! :'(
  • His 20th anniversary is approaching. If any of you live in South Florida and would like to organize a kind of public memorial, send me a private message here, and I can give you my e-mail address.
  • I worked up a Spotify playlist of Kurt's Top 50 Favorite Albums:
  • "I'm really a pop geek. I listen to all kinds of music." - Behind the drum kit of Garbage sits Butch Vig, who as producer of landmark albums by both Nirvana (Nevermind) and Smashing Pumpkins (Gish and Siamese Dream), led the '90s grunge/alt-rock revolution. How did Butch develop those golden ears? As we learn here, the man who burnished "Smells Like Teen Spirit" into a hit grew up on West Side Story and "MacArthur Park." Butch also talks about Garbage's first-ever live DVD, One Mile High…Live, which he says is far from perfect. Finding this balance between perfection and feel is the touchstone of a Butch Vig production, and according to Butch, this pursuit of perfection also marks the fundamental difference between Kurt Cobain and Billy Corgan:
  • @ Gurgenium, don't you DARE bring compare Bieber on the same level as kurt, it's a disgrace. RIP Kurt ;~;
  • amazing fucking alien (1)
  • Amazing fucking alien!
  • R.I.P you will always be missed......... dont look down cuz you will commit suicide again because people listen to Justin Shit-ber now
  • Kurt is a huge influence on me as a muscian.I have been singing writing since I was a child I never played an instrument till I became a fan of Kurt and Nirvana when Nevermind came out I learned guitar and now write music besides singing and writing melodies. .he is one of the greatest songwriters ever In Utero is my favorite Nirvana album ever I also love all the early demos on the With The Lights Out boxed set some great rare songs check it out. Kurt is missed by millions of fans me included he changed my life to bad he could not save his!
  • Justin Bieber of my time
  • RIP funny man.
  • Forever missed


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