• tiamat review

    24 Sep 2006, 7:41 de ilyawh

    i went last night to see Tiamat, live, unfortunatly at the same place i saw Lake of Tears. if anyone read that review, you might remember i complained about being hot and smokey and hardly able to breathe. same here. but, just like then, the concert was definitely worth it. although i do wish i won't have to go there anymore.

    as openers, two romanian bands. the first, Kratos was a complete mess. they were trying to immitate Nightwish, and they did it badly. they did have some sound problems, but to the end, they had a set of songs that sounded exactly the same. kinda boring.

    next was a band called Grimegod. they were somewhat of a speed/trash metal band. not my style, however, i must say i was impressed. not necessarilly by the music because, as i said, it's not my style, but by the dedication. the lead singer was so involved in what he was singing (and i couldn't understand *what* he was singing) that i couldn't help but get involved myself. …