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  • Why is this page so barren?
  • IMHO, Power is top 5
  • Discipline > Power > ConstruKction > Three > THRAK > Beat
  • Red > Larks > Starless and Bible Black
  • Court > Islands > Lizard >Wake
  • PT. I: Court > Lizard > Islands > Wake PT. II: Red > Larks > Starless and Bible Black PT. III: Discipline > Three > Power > THRAK > Beat > ConstruKction (IMHO)
  • Wake > Islands > Court > Lizard (IMO)
  • Islands has one of the all-time best KC tracks though (Sailor's Tale)
  • Lizard > Wake > Court > Islands
  • Usually people tend to say it's Court > Wake > Lizard > Islands. At least, that's the most common rating of the first KC era I've seen. If that's called overlooked then sure.
  • @dinosaurs_rule: yes, he does. He blogged about it in 2011, complained was streaming his music without the consent of DGM. To avoid legal entanglements, CBS Interactive (owner of pulled KC media. Unfortunately, Fripp fails to realize that CBS Interactive's streaming service is no different from AM radio, which KC was part of during the 70s and 80s. I think Fripp believes that people can actually download his music from He's just old, confused, and greedy. But I love him.
  • @KJHKB: No, it isn't. Everywhere I look, fans seem to rate it quite highly. Do you mean to say "overlooked"?
  • Too bad that a person sends to hell page.
  • Islands ís severely underrated.
  • Does he even know about
  • No it shouldn't
  • Island should be on the top.
  • Старческое слабоумие не обратимо и настигнет всех, к сожалению.
  • Fripp is a 21st century mongoloid man.
  • Classic Fripp.
  • Robert Fripp was always an asshole, this doesn't surprise me.
  • His methods aren't always 21st century though.
  • Robert is a Schizoid Man
  • such great band and such ridiculous behavior. seems like Robert has lost a lot of money because of the image of 1969 year album published here.
  • You know i wanna say something like "well fuck you too, Fripp" but i can't even blame him anymore, does suck.
  • Hats off to (Roy Harper) previous statement!
  • he would sue yer arse anyway. no reason needed.
  • I wonder if Robert will try to sue my arse for my profile image :P
  • I can't but at least I can play Scrabble
  • You have to be happy with what you have to be happy with, at least we can still scrobble.
  • хах) старый дуропляс)) он много видимо, что запретил. В контакте нет ни одной записи Кинг Кримсон, нашёл только на одном сайте его дискографию, скачал
  • Фрипп запретил отображать картинку группы, я так понимаю? Ну что за старый дуропляс...
  • i am very good music listener and only listen to hard to listen and complicated heavy disonent jangles muisic so when i see is it is king crimson there is creepy smiles ear to ear because I KNOW that i am king of above the pop. time to escape the ground work people if you want real life music to be in your life
  • new is just one more red nightmare.
  • People complaining about this are just talking to the wind.
  • There is no pictures in King Crimson's palace.
  • Stop this Fripp
  • Even the main picture is out now
  • It doesn't really matter. It's not like people are using this site anymore.
  • v hehehe
  • You were becoming too happy. Time for a pointed stick
  • Come on Fripp. Why do you do that?
  • Why the fuck were images taken down? [2]
  • v i.e. Larks' Tongues in Aspic (I-IV), Fracture... and live improvisations. That's like 50% they ever played.
  • King Crimson hasn't written a single atonal song dude... please learn what atonal actually means. This whole copyright stuff is pretty annoying but, Crimson are still one of the best bands by far.
  • "how does this make any commercial or logical sense?"... how does this atonalist music makes any commercial or logical sense?
  • Fripp, if you're reading this ...Fuck you =D
  • This is ridiculous.
  • Que pelotudo que es este Fripp
  • how does this make any commercial or logical sense?


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