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  • I like Devil you Know !
  • @waywardcupcake1 That voice you miss is long gone. He's not same anymore.
  • I love both singers, they were both fantastic in Killswitch. Nowadays though, I'd say Jessie is better. I tried listening to Devil You Know and Howard just doesn't sound as good as he used to. Jessie has done nothing but improve.
  • Jesse >>>>> Howard [2]
  • I miss Howard's voice.
  • Jesse >>>>> Howard
  • Fuck off KAE. Anyone who compares BMTH to anyone else, using BMTH as a positive is a stupid cunt.
  • @CHASINGXGHOSTS If you think that Emmure is shit, then you is shit. Please make learn to respect other bands.
  • One of the very few metalcore bands actually worth the damn listen.
  • Jesus, I would have never have guessed. Great to hear he's doing be though.
  • new video clip "Terror Has Begun"
  • I used to not like Disarm the Descent but now it's really growing on me.
  • Пожалуй лучшая группа в металкоре. Говард лучший.
  • Well you can't understand why people love this because you listen to shit like Emmure lol
  • too the person below me, people love this band because theyre fucking killswitch engage.
  • I can't understand why people love this. Vocal isn't so good as BFMV or ATR. Drums also not perfect. Guitar for lovers. Why people love this?...
  • Absolutely brilliant
  • Killswitch Engage – Vide Infra крайне высоко оценена в критике и аналитике рок-песен, одна из лучших песен жанра!
  • хрень
  • Like metalcore from germany?
  • Killswitch Engage and Rise Against coming soon, can't wait for the show!
  • Killswitch Engage – No End in Sight крайне высоко оценена в критике и аналитике рок-песен, одна из лучших песен жанра!
  • Nice metalcore.
  • Amazing
  • Only recently realised how on point Adam D's clean and harsh vocals are, even if the cleans are slightly auto-tuned...
  • Monotonous music.
  • Hey ) You should check them out! Ukrainian kick ass band!
  • вот Solitude, лучшие новички в мелодик металкоре, я админ критики рок-песен.
  • New song is great, I hope the new album won't be as compressed though
  • Loyalty is adorable ♥
  • No band comes close to KSE, I wish there were more powerful and innovative metalcore bands as the pioneers.
  • Rusted Embrace should be played live more.
  • Killswitch god damn it come to Poland already..! pleeeeasee
  • Dreamshade just released their new single and it is amazing! Must-listen for every fan of Modern Melodic Metal.
  • В критике рок-песен группу очень любит админ
  • Check out my cover:
  • So kvlt but so polite about it. respect.
  • I don't know what "adult music" means, but I'm mostly just messing around with you. Not really, get some better taste. It's a constant struggle, I'm reasonable and rational but so kvlt at the same time, arghhhh.
  • "i'd like to say hi to my dog steve, hi steve"
  • On the Showcase Showdown, Adam D should have bid farewell.
  • And he won the whole shebang.
  • Adam was on "The Price Is Right" recently... lol
  • "My advice to you is to stop listening to metal, your taste is horribly pre-teen" I absolutely adore juvenile, melodramatic music though. It's not a matter of being marketed or pandered to or anything like that. I just don't really enjoy most "adult" music aside from old Blues like Albert King, Albert Collins, and Rory Gallagher. I know there's more mature stuff out there, but it's not my cup of tea. I take back my insult though. You seem more well reasoned and rational than a lot of commenters on this website.
  • This is not KSE without Howard!
  • There's other tags here, so clearly they are being mislabeled and I'm just clearing things up for the ill informed and/or credulous. My advice to you is to stop listening to metal, your taste is horribly pre-teen, bumbling and also resembles capitalist victimization. It's not entirely your fault it got that bad, but I want you to know you do still have the mental capacity to claim ownership of your individuality. Now, I think that's fair.
  • "Not metal." No kidding, that's why it's called Metalcore and not Metal. Do you troo kiddies ever learn?
  • Check out my cover :
  • Not metal.


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