26 Jul 2008, 19:50 de dogdayafternoon

    Fri 11 Jul – Justice

    in the past couple of months I’ve had the privilege to see some awesome artists who reaffirmed my love for live music and breathed new life into songs i knew inside out. I must say that i am a bit of a cynic and this is not helped by the fact that for a while i saw 4 or 5 gigs a week for both work and pleasure. I admit i lost a bit interest as an increasing amount of bands went through the motions. However, now that I’m mainly going to gigs to have a good time and mostly seeing bands i actually want to see i get to see performances that really make me stand up and notice.

    …And that is precisely what happened on Friday the 11th when we went to see Justice play live in London. Having already seen them support CSS earlier in the year i was eager to find out what the French DJ’s would produce for their headline show in the superb surroundings and beautiful acoustics of Somerset House.

    I’m sure i don’t need to go into too much detail about the duo as seemingly anyone…