• Part IV and V - Section 2 - Spotlight on 21 Artists (Playing Now)

    7 Ene 2011, 14:56 de pink_n_yellow


    Artist 12. Matthew Herbert

    I decided to start with the album "Around The House" (1998). The tracks:

    So Now...
    Around The House
    Close To Me
    The Last Beat
    Going Round
    This Time
    We Still Have (The Music)
    In The Kitchen
    Never Give Up
    We Go Wrong

    My oh my. What a find. Housy, jazzy, loungy, moody, sensuous...afterhours, lush and lazy, inviting, whispers "linger here with me a while." Sexy sounds, warm synths. "So Now..." is my favourite track on the album...just melts me. The album is a blend of soft breathy vocals, simple sexy rhythms, teasing basslines. "Close to Me" housy goodness. Dani Siciliano sings on maybe half the tracks, what a soft, gorgeous voice... Yum-i-licious, such seductive music.

    "You...me. You, me. You... me." Oh baby, let's dance.

    You... you... you... you... you.

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  • the 3 game (round 1) finished

    19 Ago 2010, 11:40 de Meggy_Meg

    copied from the group page: http://www.last.fm/group/The+3+Game

    The Game:

    Goal of the game is to discover new genres, new music, new artists, new songs.

    1. Pick 3 artists from random users' libraries or shouts. Keep a record of the users and artists in a journal on your own profile.

    2. Listen to at least 3 tracks by each artist picked. Move your favourite artists to your list of final picks.

    When you have 10 artists on your list of final picks you can post those in final pick discussion and proceed to the next round.

    Players will listen to and discuss final picks posted by other players.

    The players:
    Meg <-- me ;)

    a. user: antiguana

    3 artists picked from foggy beats playlist:
    1. Oval done final pick
    2. Onra done
    3. Oneohtrix Point Never done

    b. user: auranaut
    3 artists picked:
    1. Photek done
    2. Drexciya done final pick
    3. Distance done

    c. user: unclemontana
    3 artists picked:
    1. Selda Bağcan done
  • The Ones I Love...

    13 Mar 2010, 17:01 de Leisjanna