• Cleveland's November...In Flames!

    12 Nov 2008, 5:32 de sablespecter

    Sun 9 Nov – In Flames, 36 Crazyfists, All That Remains, Gojira

    Sunday evenings are normally reserved for chilling out with the Sunday paper and kids crawling into my lap, especially this time of year when the weather has a solid early winter feel and we hole up by the fireplace. But sometimes you gotta get out and say, "I'm off to a / show!"

    Felt kinda weird heading downtown to meet two of my concert crew on a Sunday night, but I'd been looking forward to this show very much. In Flames are one of two bands I got to see twice this year, having seen them back in May on Gigantour. (The other being High on Fire, also on Gigantour, and opening for Opeth back in September.)

    36 Crazyfists:
    We got in partway through the 36 Crazyfists set. I admit I don't know this band at all. I've heard of them, but had never heard anything by them. They had a somewhat hardcore sound and kinda reminded me of Hatebreed or maybe Madball, but if I'm way off base on that comparison, don't beat me up too bad. …