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Jethro Tull es el nombre de una original banda de rock progresivo escocesa, que comenzó sus andaduras en 1968 y que, desde entonces, ha trabajado de forma ininterrumpida hasta el día de hoy, siendo, tras Rolling Stones (1962) y Le Orme (1966), entre otros, uno de los grupos de rock más antiguos todavía activo.

El nombre de la banda, extraño como suena, tiene un origen no menos particular. Su agente revisó libros de…

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  • Cross-Eyed Mary
  • \m/
  • I owe my love of Tull to my Dad, they're his favorite band. They're also my Uncle's (my Dad's older brother) favorite. My Dad even wanted to name me "Ian" after Mr. Anderson. I agree with the comments below, all the albums up to "Stormwatch" are masterpieces.
  • I'm probably the biggest Jethro Tull fanboy you can find -- yet I've been lately warming up to Under Wraps (1984) - the synth and synth drum sounds are awful even by 1984 standars, but the songs are standard Anderson and the production is a good fit for a theme album about the Cold War. Compared to Rock Island onwards it is a masterpiece - no songs about being a dirty old man and having erection problems...
  • Loove ♥♥
  • Interesting. No arguments here about the quality, though. For me it's virtually impossible to pick a favorite Tull record. With Yes, King Crimson, Genesis, Pink Floyd, Gentle Giant, Rush, ELP, Camel, VdGG, etc. -- all the prog groups... hell, the vast majority of rock groups I like in general -- I can basically pick a favorite or maybe two in a pinch. With JT they were, in my view anyway, so consistently excellent that I don't think I could even narrow it down to 5.
  • When I listen to Thick as a Brick, I want to grab a bat and break everything breakable around me, it's that good.
  • Aqualung!Like it
  • if it weren't for B&B you would have had tea and crumpete in the mourgue
  • so the supply officer on 623 said there are some funds available for a cultural event . . . if you was smart you should avail yourself of the oppurtunity to get some stripes back . . . i bitch-slapped ian . . . twas nothin' personal . . . you was standin' in the way of progress

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