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  • third tier prog-folk
  • Like Comus after extensive psychotherapy.
  • who fucking cares about the picture!
  • @Whaylee: I laugh at your Simon & Garfunkel.
  • Mice and Rats in the Loft is an old favorite, glad I came back to it finally!
  • could someone please help me with finding out lyrics for 'rags, old iron' song from 'sorcerers'. sadly, my english is not good enough to understand all of it! i'd be really grateful
  • You all realize the only song they recorded that could be called music is 'Rags, Old Iron', right?
  • "However, during conversations with arch-Duke Derek Noy the band's founder, guitarist, singer and songwriter it transpired that Jan Dukes had actually gone on to record a third album, Strange Terrain, that had failed to appear at the time, largely due to the emergence of punk and the ensuing Collapse of Western Civilisation As We Know It." .....OH YES :) I can't wait to hear it!
  • tara tara, tara (8)
  • does anyone know if they ever made an instrumental version of Sun Symphonica?
  • I dig it
  • O_O
  • Just heard Mice and Rats in the Loft for the first time, and what a breath of fresh air! Their style is like nothing else I have heard, experimental and, in my opinion, very well composed. Curious to see what Sorcerers is like.
  • i'm still obsessed with them. their first album is great, too. i'm surprised more people don't listen to them.
  • i am obsessed with jan dukes de grey. sun symphonica is my anthem.
  • Love their music, though I'd be interested to know who gave the go-ahead regarding the rereleases, since the band only gave permission for the albums to be released on vinyl.
  • I put a new (and better) pic of them.
  • Sorcerers is better to me than the mice and rats...
  • Sounds great!

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