• "There's another day, everyday..."

    28 Feb 2007, 7:17 de vanpelt1776

    Don't be sad 'cause your sun is down
    You can rise above it
    Don't be sad 'cause you're on your own
    You have to learn to love it
    Don't be sad 'cause your sun is down
    You're gonna find your way
    Don't be sad 'cause your day is done
    There's another day, everyday

    Everyday I wake up just the same
    Waiting for something new
    Every night I have myself to blame
    For the dreams that haven't come true
    But especially today I'm feeling blue

    Don't be sad 'cause your son is down
    Little mama he's bound to feel it
    Don't be sad 'cause your boy is blue
    It wouldn't do to conceal it from you
    Don't be sad 'cause your sun is down
    The night doesn't need your sorrow
    Don't be sad 'cause the light is gone
    Just keep your mind on tomorrow and carry on.
    Don't Be Sad 'cause Your Sun Is Down