• Return to Live Music 3- Communion 3rd May

    26 May 2009, 23:39 de TomG88

    I really should have been doing work or sleeping, but the promise of seeing Jeremy Warmsley live lured me back to the ever excellent Communion.

    Upon arrival we were unmoved by Jake Morley who in fact introduced one of his songs (possibly ironically?) as being 'a ballad about loneliness'. We remained unimpressed until he suddenly played a cover of a Shakira song using the most unusual guitar technique I have ever seen, hitting the strings and the body to create a percussion instrument that also had slide guitar and sitar like sounds. Youtube the man and see it for yourself!

    Let's Tea Party were the second band to delight our ears. This band basically made me think of Skins, and if there is any justice they will play on it at some point. They had all the indie touchstones, drums, cowbells, synth piano, and luckily heaps of stage presence and enthusiasm. The songs weren't as straightforward as I've made them sound from this brief description, there were many brilliant dance rock breakouts a la James Yuill or The Operators…