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  • discovered this thanks to jonah raydio and the meltdown w/ jonah & kumail. pretty damn fine tunes
  • :))))
  • Any recently setlist... do they play a short or long one?
  • Amazing gig in Gothenburg!
  • Miami usually isn’t the first place you think of as a birthplace for rock n roll music of any kind, but in the case of JACUZZI BOYS it seems impossible for them to be from anywhere else. A newly released LP out on Hardly Art continues to paint a sonic picture of South Florida through the wide eyes of these young rockers, but this time with a slightly gentler perspective. Go listen, it's the first post from our new best friend CHRISTINE! >>
  • new album is amazing
  • new album is the best
  • garbage
  • my new favorites
  • Libras And Zebras
  • Today my life changed after watching the best video I have ever watched. Thank you, guys.
  • They played in Oslo last week actually. Øyanatt at Crossroads Club.
  • so cool
  • jacuzzi boys had everyone dancing in berlin last night. yeah.
  • new favorite not classic band
  • ‎Jacuzzi Boys play The Shacklewell Arms on March 23rd, check out their fan-made video for glazing. Warning: it features singing vaginas and is NSFW
  • Europe this spring ? Confident that they'll come to North of France / Belgium, huh ?!
  • Come to shitty Jacksonville?
  • Jacuzzi Boys could easily provide the soundtrack for disappearing in a cloud of pot smoke and never doing anything productive ever again. [2]
  • a new joey ramone is born ^^
  • daóra
  • GPX
    This is how you do viral
  • wat
  • Best. Music video. Ever.
  • Video of the year, all years.
  • inb4 shit storm.
  • Now they will be popular
  • opening for Jacuzzi Boys next week November 4th
  • Show in Toronto tonight was uuuh-mazing. Best. Drummer. Ever.
  • Fuck yeah!!
  • You are now aware the movie 50/50 used a Jacuzzi Boys song during the opening scene.
  • also, the new video's pretty fuckin adorable
  • new album takes a minute to grow on you, but they're still a blast live
  • bessssst
  • Check out the JACUZZI BOYS cover of "Born Dancer" by Kim Fowley on their singe-sided preorder 7" from Hardly Art >>
  • I love em, but I don't think they're ghosts. In my opinion, I think they are alive, and well.
  • cool band
  • lol p4k review was whack. not enough experimental drum loops and ominous vocal delivery i guess.
  • NOPE, the new Album is a jellyfish
  • come perform in o r e g o n <3
  • Dank as a skank
  • Pretty dank? Homies, its the dankest.
  • New album is pretty dank [3]
  • New album is pretty dank [2]
  • New album is pretty dank
  • You can live in my world, Coral Girls. ~
  • Island Ave is such a rocker.
  • Listening to them live in studio during my DJ shift at WVFS Tallahassee!
  • Any chance to catch them in Europe some times soon?


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