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  • i like the new album... it sounds kinda chill and minimal
  • definite grower, only a few I skip now
  • cv2 is shit
  • Amazing!
  • thank you for your insightful critique BtBaM27
  • lots of average songs, a few good ones, and a lot of shit as well
  • i agree with skutlik. cv2 not enough. maybe i can't get it.
  • I've heard 2 tracks from the new album. I can already say that 'skutlik's comment below is wrong. This record sounds pretty much like Converting Vegetarians 1 'other side', and that's exactly how I want Infected Mushroom.
  • the new album (cv2) is definitely wonderful,,just like the first one,,absolutely amazingggg
  • just one word for new album = amazing <3
  • CVII is pretty damn great. A mix of new and old; experimental and true & tested; psytrance and eclecticism; and most importantly, Erez and Amit's talent.
  • Converting Vegetarinas II is an amazing album as usual, and I can see a lot of the original Converting Vegetarians on it. Of course, it has the style they developed in the last years, but it has that CV feeling too.
  • New album simply sucks and it has NOTHING to do with Converting Vegeterians. The only good track on this album is Animatronica and I must admit, that's a monster track!
  • Feelings \o
  • New album is amazing!
  • We need your help guys to bring back old last fm:
  • There is some very decent material on CV II, but I don't get why this LP called Converting Vegetarians II, because it is not linked with CV I musically or something else. I have a feeling IM wanted to give pleasure to their old fans, to connect the past and the present, but have lost their own sound: there is a lot of melodical experiments, but these sequenses are not associated to their manner of how they did it before AoM (2012). I also thought they have changed the composer, lol. There is also some openly weak stuff, forgotten at once that have been listened. This is obviously the best recording they made after Legend of Shawarma (it was also weak).
  • Hated most of CVII.
  • Where Do I Belong хорошо сделали
  • Converting Vegetarians II is the best album EVER
  • On the Road Again <3
  • Новый альбом слили, посоны
  • This is the time of the revolution Cooking the next step Converting vegetarians II
  • Шедеврально )))
  • awesome i can't wait new single )
  • vote for Infected Mushroom
  • /mu brought me here
  • ЭТО ЯД))))))) Класс)))Жаль что так поздно открыл их для себя)
  • IM The Supervisor
  • Psy , Goa , Trance , thanks Renard & Infected Mushroom
  • Comments like "they sold out years ago" are just meaningless. Heavyweight is an awesome song covering many genres of music. Great is great, from concept to execution the song is epic
  • First thing I listened of psytrance and I'm deeply in love.
  • Только smashing the opponent впечатляет, и то, благодаря Дэвису
  • They sold out to the commercial scene years ago ,,, for some real underground psytrance visit
  • Какие же охуенные у них гитарные партии
  • Cool Music
  • Big Fan Here
  • Just Great
  • Why did I find this too late :(
  • I remember listening to IF way back, but I don't know if I ever hyped any song as hard as I do Bass Nipple and Kipod-Riot remix at the moment! Just Love <3
  • Prefer the old stuff !!!
  • smashing the opponent ♥
  • Not sure if I like the direction they're going in but their old albums are amazing. [2] This. Pure gold from The Gathering to The Legend of the Black Shawarma.
  • испортились грибы. в 90х было лучше
  • Me and my girl got free tickets to see them Wednesday night. Oh yeah
  • at first i sort of disliked the new album but when i put on my headphones and heard it the 2nd time its amazing , guess i was distracted the first time lol. I dislike dubstep tho and i hope they dont do a lot more of it and keep it down like it is now
  • Heavyweight is best song from Mushrooms! (6)
  • I phucking miss the old IM :/ [track artist=infected mushroom]Dancing With Kadafi[/track], [track artist=infected mushroom]Jeenge[/track], [track artist=infected mushroom]P.g.m.[/track], [track artist=infected mushroom]Cities of the Future[/track], [track artist=infected mushroom]Elevation[/track], [track artist=infected mushroom]Elation Station[/track], [track artist=infected mushroom]Deeply Disturbed[/track]...


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