• The Yearly Survey Pt. IV

    13 Jun 2011, 12:42 de Romevil

    The season 2010-11 was a dominant season for In Mourning and Saattue as the two bands together captured the 30 top positions in the tracks chart! Before the Spring of Metal, the season seemed like a dry one. Amazing how two months make such a difference (especially in the latter part of the year). Musically the year was better than last season in every aspect, quite a lot of new albums and even some new bands.

    In Mourning did end up dominating the season, especially the first half. They even got the 200,000th scrobble as well as the 16 most played tracks during the 12 month period! The slow tempo low growls, accompanied with the touching lyrics made this band almost an equal to Saattue. Besides the previously mentioned songs, The Black Lodge, In the Failing Hour and By Others Considered collected the most scrobbles, helping the Black Lodge Band into my top10 (in total plays, they are third on the CD rack ). Being the first Swedish band to do that, it must be comforting... after all Swedes had a bad year. …