• Kustin's late 2013 album ratings

    25 Mar 2014, 0:15 de RealKustin

    When it's more common to share your own opinions of last year's albums you've listened to around the new year time, I had to do this just when April is nearly approaching? Well, better late than never, I guess, so here's another annual list I've quickly put together.

    Almah - Unfold
    Genre: Power Metal, Progressive Metal
    Rating: ***
    Standout tracks: Wings Of Revolution, Treasure Of The Gods, Farewell

    Alter Bridge - Fortress
    Genre: Alternative metal, heavy metal, hard rock
    Rating: ****
    Standout tracks: Addicted To Pain, Lover, The Uninvited, Fortress

    Amorphis - Circle
    Genre: Progressive metal with death/folk influences
    Rating: ***½
    Standout tracks: Hopeless Days, Enchanted By The Moon

    Anathema - Universal (live)
    Genre: Atmospheric rock, progressive rock, new prog
    Rating: *****
    Standout tracks: Untouchable (both parts), Universal, Flying

    Anneke van Giersbergen - Drive
    Genre: Alternative rock, hard rock
    Rating: ***