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  • omg new favorite band...just heard them, instant love!
  • I was lucky enough to be right up front for both Dig It Up shows in Brissie in 2012 and 2013. Saw some amazing music from The 5, 6, 7, 8's, The Sonics, The Flamin' Groovies, Blue Oyster Cult and of course the mighty Gurus played killer sets featuring complete run throughs of Stone Age Romeos and Mars Needs Guitars. It's a damn shame the promoters decided the shows weren't profitable enough to annualize. In my very humble opinion, the Hoodoo Gurus are the best damn band to come outta Oz, and quite frankly, put 'em up against the rest of the world if you wish. Dave Faulkner is the ultimate song writer to me. His songs are loaded with more hooks than a crowded pirate ship and he is passionately in love with 60's girl groups and garage bands in equal measure and he ain't shy about letting his sense of humor creep into the songs, so that makes for some of the most fun music I've ever had the pleasure of hearing. In short, I'm a Guru fan 'til I kick the bucket.
  • Another Word and Night Must Fall!!! such amazings songs
  • Dig It Up!
  • Come Anytime, Zanzibar <3
  • It's always Hoodoo Guru's music/mood all the time everyday always happy to hear their tunes!
  • Shadow Me
  • A Place In The Sun!
  • uhu! lol
  • What's My Scene \o/ \o/
  • I want you back !
  • yeah!.
  • cancelado =(
  • The Spanish "The Gurus" comment seems unnecessary and more like promotion. I would have removed it but for the reciprocation on the linked page. Any opinion on this?
  • saw these guys at BDO '04 only just come to really appreciate how unique and cool this aussie rock is!
  • Hoodoo Gurus is coming to Brazil!!!!!!! Jan, 2011!!!
  • Tickets for HOODOO GURU'S in London available from here -
  • So psyched to have gotten the Purity cd without having to pay a huge import fee or wait for months, haunting a record store. Love the 'net.
  • reaparecendo na propaganda da EcoSport... foi o que me fez ouvir novamente.
  • 1000 miles awaaaay!!! \o/
  • Kinky. Awesome album.
  • Hey Cats, brand new interview with Dave Faulkner up on my blog if you'd care to take a look! Lovely bloke, can't wait to see them live next month... (link)....
  • The new album is really good!
  • very good band!!! i like much "come anytime"
  • Fills my eyes whenever we meet, it's always BITTERSWEET.
  • i can't believe people in the victims put out something as lame as stoneage romeos is
  • "Death defying" n "Castles in the air" are the bests...
  • "The Other Side of Paradise" e "My Girl" it's very nice * )
  • saw them in the UK in 2007 and every bit as good if not better than the first few times I saw them in the 80s. "I am the captain of a ghostly crew/sailed the seven seas with nothin' to do"
  • To listen to on the beach. 8)
  • I first saw these guys at the Metro in 87 or so and went to an after show release party later, they had just released Blow Your Cool, I believe. Talked with Dave Faulker and Brad Shephard about records and music, I remember trying to cadge a copy of the Victims Television Addict out of Dave. He just laughed and said those were long gone...after having sold about 12 copies! It was a great time for music. These guys were great: they made you laugh and cry with joy when they played. Saw them later in the mid-90's, not so good.
  • Aqui pelo Brasil ficamos só na vontade de curtir um show deles,que pena....
  • Looking forward to show with the fauves and even, cant wait!!
  • i was a kamikaze pilot / they gave me a plane but I couldn't fly it Taught how to take off / but don't know how to land They say it doesn't matter / but I just cannot understand LOL, great stuff.
  • Wow there practically an underground act on Last FM.......
  • Classic Ozzie rock. Great band live !
  • bittersweet is a very good song
  • My old alt rock cover band of the 90s used to sing Miss Freelove '69 - great song!
  • welcome to the board, Mr one-up.
  • Besides actually seeing them in 86 opening for the Bangles, best moment for me was seeing The Fleshtones play in a tiny basement bar in Troy NY, and noticing a familiar looking guy in the crowd, and my friend asked isn't that Dave Faulkner of the Hoodoo Gurus? I said no way. Halfway through the night Peter Zaremba invited his friend on stage to jam, and they played some rock and roll classics,
  • Haha, this band always remind me of watching one day cricket tests in the 80s. Six wow, wipeout.
  • bogan
  • Best Gurus moment for me was travelling along a freeway in Italy with Death Defying going.My italian friend doing his best english to sing along.
  • Fantastic show at the Azkena rock festival in Vitoria, Spain.
  • Classic Aussie rock of the very best kind!!
  • stoneage romeos--the whole album is brilliant!
  • Saw them on Friday. Good god but they were good. Seeing them tomorrow. Can't wait .....
  • Any chance of the Gurus coming over to Holland in the near future??? I'd love to see them!!!


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