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Skinny Little Bitch (3:10)


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  • she wrote this about me [4]
  • this song is one of hole's best.
  • ♫¸¸.• ( ♫ ♪ * ♥¸.•´¸.•*´¨) GREAT ¸.•*¨) .•` * ♥ .•*¨*• ) •.¸¸ ♫ ♥ SHOCKINGLY STILL SO GOOD LOVE IT TELL EM LIKE IT IS COURTNEY LOVE WHEN THE MUSIC SPEEDS UP LOVE DANCING AND HEADBANGING TO THIS ♫¸¸.• ( ♫ ♪ * ♥¸.•´¸.•*´¨) GREAT ¸.•*¨) .•` * ♥ .•*¨*• ) •.¸¸ ♫ ♥
  • she wrote this about me [3]
  • she wrote this about me [2]
  • do,t like Courtney but like the song
  • <3
  • Bad music.
  • Courtney Hole........ Free Frances!
  • she wrote this about me
  • "Oh Baby just go slower...oh Baby just get lower" what a nasty little bitch Courtney is! Love it though...
  • One of the worst and most uninteresting Hole songs.
  • Love it!! This bitch is pure unadulterated Rock!!
  • I like the way she starts the song with the snarl of "Skinny Little Bitch..."
  • I'm finding it impossible to even read the song title without hearing the vitriolic kick-ass way Courtney sings "Skinny Little Bitch"... Love it!! :D
  • So glad to hear new Hole......take me to that place Court......
  • This song has really grown on me
  • Loving it!!
  • great song!
  • oh baby does it hurt?
  • What the fuck??? This is edited!!! Other stuff on here isn't edited... thats lame! Great song though
  • This song is so awful ><
  • So we get to hear Courtney sing "Bitch" over and over again in the title of the song, but you sensor "ass" in "kick your ass"? Seriously people.
  • really cool song;
  • -Born, of foul creation Born, of sour milk Cocaine filth- Priceless line, send chills down my spine <3 C.L & Hole
  • Thank you Hole!!! Feels like the grunge 90's all over again! [2] my thoughts exactly :)
  • right tags are so weird >.<'s+Daughter
  • I think it sounds a little more like the great old grunge songs.. americas sweetheart was very much of that pop-melodic-stuff... I didnt like that., i´m looking forward too! huxleys, berlin will be unforgetable, i think... ;)
  • yeeah the riot grrrl tag me lolz abit also.
  • I must say i'm pleasantly surprised at how good this song is, I still prefer the old Hole stuff but nonetheless, it's still very good.
  • wow i love her voice, it never changes <3 riot girl
  • It sounds like an "America's Sweetheart" outtake but it really grew on me. I'm looking forward to the new album!
  • nice
  • I'm not huge on this new song. I love Live Through This and Pretty On The Inside way better than the newer stuff.
  • "riot grrrl" tag made me lol.
  • <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3!!!
  • only so so, but glad they're back
  • I love, love, love this song! <3 Courtney!
  • i love it, courtney for the win, she was always underappreciated if you ask me. go courtney <3
  • i hope this album have better songs, because "Skinny Little Bitch" not so good. If is this the best song for first single... Listen "Live Through This"... is a great album.. :)
  • neat
  • Thank you Hole!!! Feels like the grunge 90's all over again!
  • A.MA.ZING! <33
  • Dive, Dive, Dive...Dive with me!!!!!!!!!! Rip offffffff
  • Eh. It's okay. It does sound more like Courtney's solo stuff. Nothing will top Live Through This.
  • It has grown on me immensely. I was a little 'eh' about it at first, but now I have really started enjoying it. It sounds great on the surround sound turned up really fucking loud.
  • Catchy.
  • aw man! i really wanted to like this but blah, its ok. i looove old hole but this kinda sounds like courtneys solo stuff, maybe just a little better. :(
  • fuck the haters is right. all hail the courtneyyy. can't wait for the hollywood show!
  • I am so happy they are back!! Sounds like they never left :)


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