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  • i forget how much i love these guys sometimes.
  • Go see them if they come to your town. The new material sounds great live, and they also played songs several songs each from Mouth by Mouth and Stars on ESP, as well as others from their vast back catalogue. Here's my review of the Austin show:
  • The last release I heard from DeFever and co. was a free jazz tribute to Marion Brown. Now heady concept prog that really does sound like an obscure artifact from the early 70s-- a bit hokey despite the obvious talent. I guess I grew up hearing (and not always enjoying) some of the stuff his name is emulating here. Um, it's about evil twins in the womb of a pregnant woman with all songs from different perspectives. The vocals are all song in overdubbed unison as female harmonies, which as a matter of taste I could live without. Still, the talent, audacity and dedication are impressive.
  • new album 'tecuciztecatl' is out now and everyone should hear it
  • after another 2 years, and only a few more shouts here, this is still a great band..
  • great
  • Best band ever.
  • anyone have a copy of King of Sweet? would love to listen.
  • William Poole's Name Is Alive.
  • No, not Xtian. From "Named after history class notes on Abraham Lincoln, the Livonia, MI-based sonic manipulators His Name Is Alive formed when multi-instrumentalist/producer Warren Defever (also of shockabilly group Elvis Hitler) was still in high school. "
  • I don't think they have any connection to Christianism. Btw, great band. Too bad it took me aeons to really listen to them.
  • Stupid qn, but this is not a... christian band, right? You know, the band name.
  • Oh Yes....@Andriu82 ^^ very nice. :)
  • Almost a year of "Stars on ESP" day-to-day therapy. I feel better...
  • livonia is such a shit hole...
  • Pretty sure Stars on E.S.P. is one of those stranded-on-an-island albums for me. Never gets old.
  • Ft. Lake has grown legs and continues to climb to favorite album ever status.
  • ft lake is SO GOOD
  • very useful link ->
  • Has anybody heard the Someday RMX album? Happy Blues (Recloose remix) sounds like it has a sample from David Sylvian's Nostalgia on his Brilliant Trees album. Noticed it just now after buying Brilliant Trees.
  • Unique and very innovative! Every album I get simply amazes me.. Ideas ranging from Etheral landscapes .. dreampop .. through alt rock .. all the way to some forms of surf, rnb ... I dont know if I even call it right ;-)
  • I'm on my first listen of them (Home Is in Your Head), and I must say, these guys are pretty unique.
  • nice day ep is SO GOOD
  • Пиздец пиздато пиздецово
  • stars on esp is SO GOOD
  • Eu vou lançar um selo de música nacional com o nome de Forró Ardido, pra ver se dá sorte.
  • "King of Sweet" is getting the vinyl treatment from Handmade Birds - preorder is now up!
  • 'Home is in your head' is mindblowing.
  • Хорошие.
  • [group]Waste your life. Be an artist.[/group]
  • Oh wow, Gregg Araki likes these guys.
  • I've been here before, but I can't remember whether I posted a shout on something or what...
  • Home Is in Your Head scared my pet dogs.
  • very interesting !!
  • i loved detrola, xmmer didn't do so much for me but i love the eclipse loads. it's a wonderful return to the sound of their first few albums. i'd still really love it if they did some more stuff with lovetta though.
  • The Eclipse is positively swoon-worthy.
  • your technological lingo reminds me of my mother.
  • The Eclipse is heartbreakingly good. Definitely one for headphoneland.
  • International Tour? Double Please? Have they EVER played in Germany??? I mean they exist for over 20 years....
  • National tour? Please?
  • Nice to see Warren gain relative popularity and recognition after all these years.
  • Really, really good.
  • Tour, new album. So excited.
  • Very-Loko!!
  • Dertola is up there. For some reason, it took Mouth by Mouth and Home is in Your Head forever to reach the top four. I think the main reason Detrola and Sweet Earth Flower are in the top is because, unlike all the albums on 4AD, they are streamable. (I've been frequenting this shoutbox for a while).
  • Completely obsessed. I'm surprised at the most played tracks...I'd think that Mouth by Mouth would be up there, if not the more recent albums like Detrola and Xmmer.
  • endless love to this band
  • Detroit.


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