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  • I wish this reunion would happen
  • Braid and Hey merdeces: Two great bands :D
  • i heard hey mercedes before i ever got introduced to braid. forgot about them. got into braid and ended up rediscovering them as a result
  • Wish this was still a thin so I can ride my tears across the crowd /:
  • Miss them!
  • Bob Nanna is now doing downwrite Get your own custom song on!
  • They were more consistent than Braid but when Braid was good they were really good
  • The lead's name is B. Nanna
  • I've always preferred them to Braid - completely agree and I listened to Braid before Hey Mercedes, just these songs man, fuckin' get me every time.
  • I know it's arguably pretty inaccurate, but when I think of how "emo" or "post-hardcore" sounds like, the first thing that comes to my mind is how Hey Mercedes sounds like... It must be because of all the dissonant chords and time signature tricks.
  • I've always preferred them to Braid ............ i feel the same way, but that is because hey mercedes - loses control was the first bob nanna album i ever got my hands on
  • I've always preferred them to Braid
  • Hey Mercedes are featured in the 'Is this thing on?' blog top 100 emo songs of all time part 6, numbers 50 to 41
  • Haven't listened to them in 4 years, until today, still great.
  • hey kids check-out our new release!
  • <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
  • love them
  • Not midwest-emo...
  • heeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyyyyyy the way you are is the way you'll stay >>>>>>
  • It's emo by way of Bob Nanna.
  • also what dumbfuck put in the band description that they're emo? this isn't emo. get a fucking clue.
  • i know it was unintentional, but the beginning riff of a-list actress is the same as the end riff of yes, i am talking to you by cap'n jazz. my roommate just pointed this out to me and i was stunned.
  • this is definitely the most underrated band i can remember from my college days. none of the punk rawk kids even knew about them which is a shame. oh, and 3:43 on What You're Up Against is like the greatest moment ever.
  • had a massive fight with my ex-girlfriend at one of their shows
  • i really forgot how great these guys were until recently.
  • love these guys, BUT check out ITCH: and download their back catalogue for FREE!
  • I kind of think Every Night Fireworks > Loses Control. [2]
  • I kind of think Every Night Fireworks > Loses Control.
  • Wow, Every Night Fireworks is very under represented in the top 15. Does everyone just own the Loses Control CD and that's it?
  • I'm sad i just came across their music. I would have loved to see them live
  • :D love it
  • <3<3<3
  • Unorchestrated on the EP of the same name is so good.
  • Where are the tracks?!
  • ....and I just realized that Bob Nanna works for Threadless.... my mind has been blown
  • These early 00's bands, so-called emo, always sounded to me as the extension of (pop-)punk of the mid/late 90's
  • ja, ahora resulta que soy el unico pendejo que escucha a Hey Mercedes en español
  • i found out about them in 6th grade at hot topic..
  • bob nanna = greatness.
  • i found out about this band in 3rd grade from starbucks.
  • JC Penneys? I gotta ask how.....
  • Found out about 'em in fourth grade at JC Penneys, always been one of my favorite bands
  • HEY MERCEDES Sat, Sept. 19 Doors 8pm • Show 9pm $15 @ DOUBLE DOOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHH
  • 'everynight fireworks' is sadly underrepresented in the top 15 :-/
  • Miss 'em.
  • Hey Mercedes were always consistent, one of the best bands ever and Bob's got a great voice for sure. Hope this new band happens, HM's drummer Damon was an animal too!
  • pena que acabaram :/


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