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  • Has anyone still got that old leaked version of Decadence? (that was usually named "Tokyo Decadance" online). Can't seem to find it anywhere. (Pm me if you know where to find it!)
  • Surprised no one has mentioned the band Uh Huh Baby as being similar. Singer sounds a lot like Daryl . I'm always looking for things to quench my GJ thirst while waiting on them to put out new stuff. Envy on the coast and Letlive are some to look into also if that's what you're looking for.
  • Guess who had one of the most played songs on "Steven's Untitled Rock Show?" Check out the full playlist at!
  • Where's Swan Damage?
  • Where's Swan Damage?
  • The way you operate is so severe, so cunning
  • Oh.
  • His voice ♥
  • Head Automatica and Glassjaw are fucking amazing. I love Daryl's voice!
  • Head Automatica featured in the Live and Loud Rock top ten alternative graduation songs list
  • London baby!
  • Touring again! Get to see them and Glassjaw in the same week... awesome!
  • Penis, baby. ♪
  • Anyone have Farmer's Daughter? Can't for the life of me find it anywhere!
  • Memories<3
  • Most of the band has gone into other bands, craig is with the romans, daryl back to glassjaw, jarvis back with give up the ghost, no word on jessie and the revolving door at drummer
  • my fucking childhood
  • Whatever happened to them!
  • I don't think there is going to be a Swan Damage [2]...
  • TOP Indie - Pop band.
  • I don't think there is going to be a Swan Damage.
  • where's swan damage? [3]
  • reminds me of very very bad times.. jeeeez..
  • xy3
    where's swan damage?
  • This is so delicious.
  • where the fuck is the 3rd album
  • all about Cannibal Girl :D
  • Why do people only listen to 'Beating Heart Baby'? That's easily one of their worst songs.
  • вполне себе такие)
  • nowhere fast
  • flashback. this band takes me back to frosh & sophomore years of high school! Daryl is a god! <333
  • @heyheymandarae or DOES it?
  • "Some songs sound so much like Co&Ca Second Stage Turbine Blade, specifically "Beating Heart Baby". This is a very good thing. " what
  • v That comment is riddled with ludicrous mistakes, but I agree with the general concept that Popaganda is an awesome album.
  • Swan Damage Please.
  • Propaganda>Decadence. Grad Day/Laughing at You/Lying Through Your Teeth/God/Million Dollar Decision/She's Not It/Egyptian Musk/Cannibal Girl (All Amazing) Where as Propaganda only gave me Beating Hearts Baby/Please Please Please/The Razor. Daryl <333
  • Some songs sound so much like Co&Ca Second Stage Turbine Blade, specifically "Beating Heart Baby". This is a very good thing.
  • jiji
  • ha funny comment from a dude whos user name is sknnyjns. Actually you can listen to this after loads of GJ and love both equally. Daryl is known for having his hands and voice in everything (see House of Blow) Hes talented enough that he can spread to different genres and still be listenable and likeable
  • if Daryl wasn't the singer, i probably wouldn't enjoy this at all
  • I like the change of sound from Decadence to Popaganda, it's not every day you see that happen with a band. Some churn the same sound out for 5 albums and you end up getting bored. Will be interesting to see what Swan Damage is like :P
  • @aaronws, pretty sure my vag doesn't have ears and therefore does not dictate the music I listen to.
  • Decadence rlz! o>
  • popaganda is the best popaganda touch a breast
  • Were is Swan Damage? No release date still?
  • Beating Heart Baby <3
  • Um, Popaganda was pretty awesome. [3]


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