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  • @born-in-hell: I love that sentence: "Childish gimmickry launched by hardcore misogynists." It's beautiful. I didn't read the review because... well, I usually don't care about reviews. I can decide if I will like an album on my own.
  • We need your help guys to bring back old last fm:
  • new album is soooo gooood
  • Babies ♥
  • Essas roqueiras ♥
  • UK, the United States and Australia review for third album of Grammy award winners Halestorm reads as follows: [url=]5 out of 5 stars![/url] Hell yeah!
  • Don't take German censure seriously! They've gotten a screw loose!
  • Who cares about mindless German reviews? Childish gimmickry launched by hardcore misogynists.
  • "Into the Wild Life" is my best of first half.
  • NO FAJNIE : 3
  • German review for the new album online at "Into The Wild Life" gets 6,5 out of 10!
  • fucking love Lzzy Voice ♥
  • Lzzy, i love you ♥
  • Unapologetic ♥ ♥ ♥ [2]
  • I Like It Heavy ♥
  • What Sober Couldn't Say ♥ [4]
  • I Am The Fire <3
  • The more I listen to the new album, the more I love it.
  • Gonna Get Mine ❤
  • UP
  • Новый альбом все-таки охурменный.
  • Lzzy Hale (Halestorm) has always been a hard rock artist, stop looking for lullabies. I Like It Heavy ❤
  • What Sober Couldn't Say <3 [3]
  • What Sober Couldn't Say <3 [2]
  • The new album took some getting in to but I've got a really funny opinion on it because I feel like I've heard this before and I'm sure it's not within their older songs so that leads me to label it quite "genertic" BUT it's good because it brings out some real emotions in me and it reminds me of memories from a while back (which is strange because it wasn't out them) but it does really bring some sadness out. My favourite song is Sick Individual. I think that song is fantastic.
  • thank you, Lzzy for representing us [Bad Girl's World] ♥
  • The new album takes time adjusting to, but I'm really enjoying it now. [2]
  • New album is great!
  • Unapologetic ♥ ♥ ♥
  • Feel like the new album is *just* okay, but holy shit do I love Dear Daughter.
  • Into The Wild Life ♥
  • What Sober Couldn't Say <3
  • I love the new album!
  • Three new photos. Vote!
  • The new album takes time adjusting to, but I'm really enjoying it now. Not their best album, though.
  • Gotta admit that this new album did disappointed me a little. It's not bad, not at all, I just guess I've set my expectiations bar way too high. That doesn't mean I'll stop jamming to Halestorm. They're awesome, still.
  • on a different note, i'm sad to say i'm kind of dissapointed in the structure of the songs? while they're still talented as fuck, the lyrics fall short in most cases and i don't really have any songs to scream along to personally. the strange case of... is by far their strongest record! i'd still go see them live again cause they never fail to put on a great show and i adore these people to bits. it's just not a record i'll put on repeat, but that happens. favourites are dear daughter, scream, the reckoning, gonna get mine. wish bad girls world was heavier/more anthem-y. like ycmabliabt. lyrically what sober couldn't say fucked me up emotionally cause it hit home but i'm not feeling the music?
  • Here is my review of Into the Wild Life
  • @ddegroat did you really just complain about a few songs "isolating" males..... women get isolated pretty much everywhere so i think you can get over lzzy's empowering feminist lyrics, dude. they're there for a reason.
  • "Into The Wild Fire" ???
  • Into The Wild Fire is awesome! [3]
  • New album is awesome!
  • New Album "Into the Wild Life" is very very good. It's so high quality. They became a great band.
  • I really like the new album!!
  • Gonna Get Mine ♥
  • The new album is as great as their previous two [4] It's more driving closer to the end, IMHO, but all songs are good!
  • The new album is as great as their previous two [3]
  • New Album ♥


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