• Music gossip from Popbitch

    17 Feb 2006, 14:54 de skyblue1987

    Just got my copy of this week's popbitch, and here are the juiciest bits of music goss...
    >> Will Guy get swept away? <<
    When good marriages go bad

    As the Madonna - Stuart Price rumours refuse to die down, our thoughts naturally turn to Guy Ritchie. But don't shed too many tears for Guy yet. He's said to be finding comfort in the arms of former love, Elastica starJustine Frischmann. And spending quality time with one of his sister's best friends.

    Rumours were going around earlier this year that Madonna had skin cancer. Luckily it seems as if the only ugly growth she's thinking of cutting off this year is her husband.

    >> Shopping with pop stars <<
    Leo Sayer is down with the kids littlecumpot writes:
    "My ex was working in Neal's Yard. Leo Sayer came in for his health food goodies, chatted to my ex and his colleague and then, as he was leaving rather than saying 'see you/take care' or something, he did the two fingered peace sign, said 'Stone Roses, man' and left."