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Grateful Dead

Brokedown Palace (7:53)


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  • Absolute love
  • "Roll ending credits"
  • Beautiful song.
  • road trips 4.3 / november 21, 1973
  • pure magic
  • The heir of him to whom the oath they swore
  • (~);}
  • miss ya every day Jerry -- MY tombstone is already engraved "" WHAT A LONG STRANGE TRIP IT'S BEEN " and a lovely trip it has been .......
  • Miss ya,Captain TRIpPS
  • brokedown Palace was played at my husbands funeral and it was so very moving. I can't listen to the song today without crying...
  • Jerry,how great thou art
  • Timeless music is just that timeless!
  • This will be played on repeat at my funeral!
  • yes, one bloody decade too late...
  • I love this, I feel like i've been born in the wrong decade.
  • I like the use of the church organ.
  • The band I've been listening to my whole life, the one that has changed my life at more than one point. <3 this song.... seems to explain it pretty well.
  • kills me
  • This is magic!
  • resonates through my bones
  • still forever missing you Jerry rip and thank you for all the great music
  • i love you more than words can tell
  • One of the greats
  • Fare you well, I love you more than words can tell, my brother
  • it really doesn's matter if your PALACE is BROKEDOWN if Jerry is singin.....
  • Just plain makes me feel good...
  • in my time, in my time, i will roll, roll, roll.
  • Always loved hearing this song as an encore. I love you more than words can tell
  • listen to river sing sweet songs to rock my soul [2] brings tears to my eyes [2]
  • dead head till i die...
  • listen to river sing sweet songs to rock my soul
  • Beautiful.
  • sooo nice.
  • Brings tears to my eyes.
  • if you get confused just listen to the music play...
  • Im Loving it
  • While listening to it, I realized I need to write "Beautiful!" on this shutbox, but someone has already done it :D
  • No other band can make you feel so good and make a bad day good!!
  • Beautiful!
  • i looove psychedelic rock
  • rock my soul ................
  • only music can touch you like this...
  • got american beauty for my 11th birthday-- one of the few truly life-changing albums in my music library. i decided a few years ago that this song is playing at my funeral.
  • Listen to the river sing sweet songs to rock my soul. Mother Nature and Father Time are so naturally inspirational to the human soul. With the help of great music, make it right, deeper than the words can express.
  • =) =) =) listen to river sing sweet songs to rock my soul
  • lovely song,
  • how lovely this sweet song is
  • hunter/Garcia went together like peanutbutter and jelly
  • fare you well my honey


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