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  • Help me find my way, and mama save meeeee ! Help me find today, mama please come and save me !!!!!, oooohh ! wonderful song !
  • MaMa Save Me
  • Sully is one cool little dude
  • love me some godsmack
  • my number one band their is no one better.they leave it all on the table
  • the old is the shit!cunt
  • The voice is just still the trademark<------------Yeah,the trademark of Alice In Chains. А песенка душевная,чувственная.
  • sounds like breaking benjamin on steroids
  • "an emptiness has covered me....."
  • Metallica???? WTF??..... RIP Mom.
  • Sounds absolutely nothing like Metallica to me. The bridge just before the 3:00 mark is fucking great.
  • лучшая песня из альбома IV
  • This is by far the best band to have stolen their name from an AIC tune.
  • Great!!
  • If it weren't for Rombola's soloing, this song would be just boring.
  • <33 In Love With It ^^
  • Like it better than the new Metallica stuff. As our guitarist used to say: "Balladen sind Luxus!" - noneedit.
  • I like it!!!!
  • metal-icca??
  • great
  • Ummm did it occur to any of you that these guys are influenced by the tallica boys?
  • Definately a Metallica vibe... But that is good, no?
  • hmm metallica? Maybe the music a little bit, but still it is Godsmack.. The voice is just still the trademark:)
  • sounds like metallica for some reason

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