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  • Электронный монотонный говновысер. #degradated_industrial
  • new album is good, the more I listen to it the more I like it.
  • New album kinda similar to stuff from 2011 and 2014. And it's very far from the material like Viscera.
  • looking forward to your new album.
  • The Magic In My Heart Is Dead.
  • Zajebiste! :D
  • This page could use new main picture.
  • They are super...2 thumbs up.
  • NYC?
  • newer stuff is lol bad
  • I think they hit their peak with Viscera. Something about the newer melodies or whatever just isn't doing it for me. However they'll always be in my heart with their monstrously awesome classics like Levitation or Perception. Still trying to get into the newer stuff.
  • Don't care much for their music but Jasyn Bangert is the most badass aggrotech frontman ever. He's like a hulking nightmarish version of Robert Smith
  • New album was awesome!
  • New album was really great. You have yet to have a bad album, some of have been different yes, but all good in their own ways. False Face feels like a love letter to the fans as it brings back some of that awesome gritty horror edge that was lacking in the last two albums and putting the more whimsical side of horror on the back burner. Some would argue this album was playing it safe, but when you have the talent to pull it off playing it safe is far from a bad thing. You can feel the passion put into this album and while note a game changer it still is one hell of an album. Thank you for sharing your art with us, looking forward to the next album already because if there is one thing I'm confident in it is jasyn's passion and talent to always put out an enjoyable god module album. Keep living the dream and thank you for letting us experience the dream alongside you by being able to listen and experience your epic music.
  • awesome new album.
  • More than impressed with False Face.
  • the worms inside your brain are driving you insane
  • such good new album, much wow <3
  • First listener again!
  • I can't wait for False Face ^^ Séance was a really good album!
  • First listener! o/
  • Let's Go Dark!
  • Killed it in New York.
  • These guys are amazing
  • Dear Dead Flesh still going strong on my charts, what a masterpiece.
  • Great to see God Module in Nashville. Thanks.
  • Can't wait to see God Module in Nashville, TN - March 26.
  • God Module is featured on our March 4th show!! -- This week Communion After Dark spins new music from Blutengel, Tenek, Project Pitchfork and more. Guest: Ben V of Ludovico Technique! We are a weekly podcast featuring the newest and best Gothic/Industrial EBM and electro music. Check out our playlists at
  • artificial was ok at best. i duno why everyone praises it... earlier funker vogt cds were way more influential to the evolution of aggrotech ebm. empath is where god mod started to shine imo.. and viscera was the peak. that said its kinda sad they have run out of inspiration? doing an 'empath' tour? and re-releasing empath? lol. o well :D
  • Agreed. "Victims Among Friend" is nice to0.
  • Empath and Viscera - you were the best then:) Now... there are few great numbers like "ART" or "Doppelganger" but overall MEEEH
  • Genius stuff.
  • New album has got to be their best."wtf is wrong with you people".
  • great show last night! even without Clint or Courtney.
  • @ DJ_Tyrant: I Totally agree after giving it a few listens, but my comment was referring to the charts on here. ;)
  • Come to Russia I beg you :D
  • I absolutely love there sound!!!, keep it up guys and ghouls!! :)
  • I hear you'll be in NYC this summer ... wishes do come true bless you dear boy's who you bringing along? ( man hug )
  • Artificial was their masterpiece album. There have been occasional stand out tracks since then, but as a whole the calibre of songs, production qualities, and tone of songs flowing from one into the next on Artificial are just their best and some of the finest in the history of industrial. Some may dismiss is as just psytrance derivative, but that album was almost single-handedly responsible for introducing trance leads and themes into modern industrial. Along with Suicide Commando's album Mindstrip, it pretty much defined what would become modern Aggrotech. It's a shame that fans of both acts have largely been complacent and not held them to the high standards of performance that were displayed on those two albums.
  • @Thallassa: Which album do you prefer?
  • The Source isn't going to be topped, the viscera album was, in my opinion...
  • It looks like they are going to have a hard time ever topping "the Source' and Viscera in General.
  • While I admit never being a huge fan of this act seeing them live is better than you'd expect. The first time I had witnessed a performance by God Module was in 2001 when they were still in their "who are we?" phase. That being said, even back then they had their shit together and could bang out a solid tune. The new material is ballsy and punchy (ball punching?) just as it ever was. The spooky thing, well.. everyone needs a gimmick (it sells well). Being drunk also helps.
  • The Triptych Tour is a MUST ATTEND. Jasyn was hilarious, they put on a brutal show, and everything was flashier than I thought it could get! Clint was awesome too, working so hard to put on a great show giving 110% more than the last, and Courtney has a great voice!
  • It still has poor musical ideas, zero emotional flow and oozes ridiculous spooky vibes.


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