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  • It was reported that they played six new songs approximately during one of their last live sets. I'm so excited for what's coming.
  • What is this new song? I don't know it! A link please
  • New song is so fucking good!
  • New song is good but im hoping for better when the album releases
  • new song needs screams
  • miss the old rhythm section so much, new song is pretty cool tho
  • Maybe GJ-esque post-hardcore never becoming the "norm" is a good thing after all.
  • One of the most valuable bands to emerge in the 21st century. Few bands can match their energy or emotion. It's a shame that GJ-esque post-hardcore never became the norm.
  • yah Worship & Tribute is their best yet
  • Nothing will ever surpass the excellence of Worship & Tribute, but that's not to say their latest material isn't phenomenal.
  • we all do, but i dont know if thats even going to happen until the next five years or so
  • Need new material!!!
  • i dont even like Chiodos except for Illuminaudio because they switched up their vocalist for that album and even then i rarely ever listen to that one, theyre bad but not the worst out there except for their vocalist hes literally the worst thing my ears have ever touched. thats a pretty good way of putting DGD and you might as well not bother with Hail the Sun because they sound a lot similar. i dont mind a few modern post-Hardcore bands but 99.9% of the modern stuff is really annoying crap. if you never got into Anthony greens vocals i doubt youd like any of their other stuff but to me Juturna, Descensus and Violent Waves are better than On Letting Go. i love Piano and the title track for EYEWTKAS, forgot to put those on my list. also please dont bring up JamesPhillips here, he got banned and i dont wanna remember his existence anymore.
  • which Circa Survive album should I try then? I think I heard the one with the hot air ballon-head floating over the sea, which ever one that is called lol On Letting Go
  • Oh, and "Stations of the New Cross", eternally. I really like "The Snow Veil" for those last 5 seconds where Daryl is laughing hysterically, which he did again in "Pink Roses".
  • But great song-choices. Tip Your Bartender would be like 6 (mostly for the last minute of that song which is bonkers), and Trailer Park Jesus, AGJGTH, Pink Roses and John Lennon all would come close too. Other ones you didn't name too for me would be Piano, EYEWTKAS title track, Oxycodone, and Two Tabs of Mescaline. I def hope the dude from Dillinger is in, I wonder who they are gonna get for bass, is Justin gonna clone himself or get a hologram to play bass lol
  • @MoogInRow , man I was way more of a Punk elitist way back in like 5 or 6 years ago, now I try not to care and mellow out about it, you are a cool dude and your name is not JamesPhillipswhateverthefuck so you are def cool. If you think Chio-do-do's chord progression's are great, and I'm missing out then that's my loss, I guess. That dude's voice seriously taints most of it, but I'm also being kind of knee-jerk-y and just ripping of HORSE the Band who rips on Chiodos most often. Never heard Hail the Sun but Dance Gavin Dance just reminds me of a really pop-fied version of Fall of Troy and I never was big on that band either aside from a few songs, though Erak was a miles better lyricist than Craig Owens ugghh I feel like when most people think of post-hardcore they think of the newfangled version with girly vocals, autotune and breakdowns. I'm more of a p-h with yelling vocals, chiming guitars, dissonance, and great musicianship (which to me GJ define).
  • on the topic of Glassjaw i think its really awesome that they could get the drummer of TDEP on board. as for my top 5 GJ songs i could never narrow my favorite songs by them that low, but to list off the songs that i listen to the most: Tip Your Bartender, When One Eight Becomes Two Zeros, Lovebites and Razorlines, Ry Rys Song, Trailer Park Jesus, All Good Junkies Go To Heaven, Pink Roses, Radio Cambodia, Gold and You Think Youre John Fucking Lennon
  • ill agree with most of your points in that theyre very simplistic with their song structures and their heavy parts but their riffs and chord progressions are decent and i feel that if they tried hard enough then they could go all out Proggy like Dance Gavin Dance or Hail the Sun (both are way better than Chiodos). also bruh dun talk shit bout muh Anthony Green, his voice is angelic.
  • ... and top 5 GJ songs goooo 1. Gillette Cavalcade of Sports 2. Gold 3. Stuck Pig 4. El Mark 5. Flag Burning Dakota. I might change this completely tho, I imagine most GJ fans have a different answer..
  • " Manuel Carrero and Durijah Lang left Glassjaw in January... WTF?!" yeah and I don't know who Daryl and Justin got for bass, but the drummer you might say, is plotting a Dillinger Escape Plan. > : )
  • sorry for sullying this great bands page with that crap band, anyway.
  • @MoogInRow, they just sound so boring, the "heavy" riffs are anything but, the keyboardist sounds like he's more fit for the Harry Potter movie soundtrack than a hardcore or punk band, their song structures are mindlessly simple and generic (so unlike GJ), and yeah I just can't stand that band. That Craig Owens guy is the fucking worst, his vocals are not that removed from a 14 year old scene girl, funnily enough the very thing he preys upon (the whole part of that Hop-Topic, Scene kid culture that Glassjaw have nothing to do with), but yeah every-time someone shit talks Daryl, Cedric, Dennis, Guy, Rick Froberg, Justin T. (all the HxC greats) as "whiny" and "annoying", I always point to that motherfucker, instead, that's baby-wankcore. I don't like the guy in Circa Survive's vocals but that band seems a million times more interesting than Chiodos, and they seemed like good people(s) unlike that Craig Owens jerk off.
  • Manuel Carrero and Durijah Lang left Glassjaw in January... WTF?!
  • actually i dont think that Chiodos are that awful, the only thing about their music that i really hate is Craig Owens vocals, god that dudes voice sounds like a dying cow being mutilated by a cat thats coughing up a hairball, fucking ear piercingly horrendous. though even without the annoying vocals ill still agree that theyre nowheres near the level of perfection bands like Glassjaw,Unwound, At the Drive-In and Refused are at.
  • God dammit, how didn't I heard of them before?!
  • yeah hot topic sells copies of their album, they do it too for refused and at the drive-in. not gonna burn my albums of those bands, they are fucking tight.
  • These guys aren't "Hot Topic shit" spiltandrelease, these guys are the real deal. Go post "I tried but this sounds like Hot Topic shit..." on some crap actual scene band that deserves it like Chiodos. Both Unwound and Glassjaw are godly and two of the best P-H bands period. Daryl quotes OG hardcore bands like Angel Hair and Portraits of Past constantly.
  • unwound is better true, but these guys are still close
  • I tried but this sounds like Hot Topic shit...
  • goddamn that song is sooo good, I like "Tewt" and "Grasper" but those did give off a GJ b-side vibe, Neo-Tokyon is good enough that it should have been on Worship & Tribute. is there any other band that gives me musical blue balls as much as Glassjaw? nope.
  • Daryl - "this is about Godzilla."
  • [url=]here's an long lost song of theirs though performed only this once, Neo-Tokyon[/url]
  • so Billy Rymer from TDEP is joining GJ, maybe something new?????
  • we need more tracks like siberian kiss
  • such an amazing band. dynamic and creative. awesome sound... used to love them so much in college.... ah, the 2000s....
  • since every other notable artist seems to be dropping new shit itd be great if gj would get their act together k thx
  • vocalist sounds pretty original..
  • v I'm late as fuuuck, but both of those live tracks are on Youtube. Just search Glassjaw AOL Sessions.


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