• I'm a tourist

    1 Ene 2006, 15:43 de jokla

    As you can see I'm a tourist . . . What ? ? ? Well if you look on the song sI'm lsitening too you can see that I'm not into one music style only. I listen to everything, well almost everything. Depending on my mood I'm listening to either, rap, rock, trance, house, pop etc etc etc. That's why I call myself a tourist in when talking about favourite music style, cos I like to pop in to many different style.

    Mostly I like to listen to house music, light and easy body movie house music . . . Just to feel relaxed and easy.

    In the last time I was listening to mixes by Ian Pooley and the single I liek the most right now is Snatch (getaway mix) by Liftboy, a friend of mine. Another fantastic and lovely song I can relax to is Unconditional Love by Gentleman and an extreme good and wicked sound is Right Here, Right Now by Fatboy Slim