• MUSIC SURVEY (not yet done)

    27 Mar 2010, 0:06 de ShellOfMyself

    1. Best song to listen to before going to bed?
    Because it makes me think of a better world; a world where everyone can be themselves. Utopia.

    2. Best song to listen to at 3 AM?
    Misguided Ghosts
    Being up at 3am usually means something's wrong. This song is just weird and it gives you stuff to think about, which usually helps me falling asleep.

    3. Best song to annoy your parents with while driving?
    No question.

    4. Best song to dance to on the front lawn with friends?
    Friends in Low Places
    I've actually done that before and it is a lot of fun.

    5. Best song to listen to while sitting under the stars?
    Still Standing
    Okay... That's just plain depressing.

    6. Best song to start the day with?
    This Is War
    It wakes me up. Really does.

    7. Best song to listen to when you're really mad?
    Kill Me
    And the lyrics have not much to do with it (or they do, because I'm only ever mad at myself, really).

  • The 9513 Last.fm update (3-14-10)

    22 Mar 2010, 15:32 de Carpetbagger513

    Top Artists
    With a new album, Gary Allan shot to the top of the charts, with 32 listeners. That's an impressive gain of 10 listeners from the week before. Miranda Lambert (28 listeners) and Johnny Cash (26) ranked #2 and #2, respectively. A few of the perennial favorites who completely fell off the charts last week were back with a vengeance, notably Reba McEntire, who rose from 14 listeners to 23, and Alan Jackson, from 16 to 22. Willie Nelson jumps into the Top 10 with 21 listeners, and Blake Shelton, with 16 listeners, ends up in the Top 20 for the first time this year. Maybe if he had released more than six songs, he would have done better. Ryan Bingham, still riding the Oscar-winning wave, has 17 listeners for the second week in a row, making it a rare occurrence when an Americana artist ends up in the Top 20. Hopefully it won't be the last time, because I'd personally like to see a little bit more of a mix between Americana and country on the charts.

    Top Albums
  • The 9513 Last.fm Chart Update (11-22-09)

    25 Nov 2009, 2:06 de Carpetbagger513

    Last.fm Top Artists
    If anything cam be taken from this week’s charts, it’s that The 9513 fans are not beholden to pop culture and the media to dictate their listening habits. Either that, or no one’s gotten the memo that Taylor and Carrie are the biggest things in country music right now. Probably the former, though. For the second straight week, Miranda Lambert is the #1 artist, with 32 listeners, leaving the rest of the group in the dust. Carrie “Hot Pants” Underwood comes in at #3 with 25 listeners, along with Alan Jackson, Johnny Cash and Brad Paisley. Taylor Swift, on the other hand, finished with 22 listeners, leaving her at #11 along with Dwight Yoakam. Keith Urban, Rascal Flatts and Gloriana, the other big country winners at last night’s American Music Awards, had 17, 13 and 10 listeners, good for #27, #42 and #79, respectively. We’re so counterculture. Speaking of, Ryan Adams led the Americana artists with 14 listeners, with Hayes Carll and Rosanne Cash with 13.

    Last.fm Top Albums
  • My favorite Garth Brooks songs

    31 Ene 2009, 21:50 de alacy52

    Country Universe has a feature I really like called "Favorite Songs by Favorite Artists," which consists of one of their writers picking a singer/group and listing his/her 25 favorite songs by that artist with brief commentary. I've decided to rip it off when I have too much free time.

    For the first list in my series, the artist was a no-brainer. When I was little, I had four cassettes that I played the crap out of until they were wore out. Two of those were Garth Brooks albums (No Fences and The Hits), the other two were the Beach Boys (Endless Summer and Still Cruisin), which explains why my taste in music is primarily country and '50s/'60s rock. So naturally, I'll start with the guy who first made me a big fan of country music and loud shirts.

    25. The Beaches of Cheyenne
    Fresh Horses, 1995

    This was one of two songs off Fresh Horses to be a number one hit. It's a haunting ghost story about a cowboy from California who has a fight with his wife then gets killed attempting to ride a bull in Cheyenne. …