• Un Giorno Per Noi, regains #1 on Overall

    25 Mar 2012, 0:14 de Richardgm

    Some time ago I wrote a Journal detailing how I recently discovered Dark Empire (Remix) by a then relatively new artist to me, X-Ray Dog. On June 9, 2007 I updated the post to mention that after just three weeks, Dark Empire (Remix) dethroned my then previously most played song, Un Giorno Per Noi by Josh Groban.

    At that time, Un Giorno Per Noi topped my list with 759 plays.

    Well, 5 years later, the amazing Josh Groban Song climbed past Dark Empire (Remix), whose favour slowly faded due to the emergence of new artists such as Future World Music, and new songs by X-Ray Dog and Immediate Music. 367 songs later I would like to welcome back Un Giorno Per Noi to the top of my Overall Charts.

    Interesting tidbit, with over 1200 plays, I have essentially played Un Giorno Per Noi for over 4 days consecutively. Dark Empire (Remix) clocks in at just under 11 hours.
  • February 2012

    7 Feb 2012, 15:03 de Synesthesis

    I found some time to do my first musical journal. Just want to describe my genre transformation process, as I got older with music, genres which I loved and then left behind.

    As a child I found myself in music very soon, I was 6 when I spent almost all activities close to stereo or MTV... and it tooks a longer period. As many others then I came through the popular music to the rock, I used to listen Red hot chili peppers, blur ...then in adolescent age I jumped to the mainstream metal.
    Today, I can declare that I was and still I am fan of Michael Jackson, Beatles and Depeche mode.
    I came into classical and baroque already as adult through the metal. It seems like a paradox for some non metal users , but it is truth. In 2007 when I have started to scrobble here, I prefered exclusive death metal and progressive metal. Then jazz catched my ears and I fell in love with gypsy swing, Coltrane, Davis and many others....my portals to the era of the "further past" was opened then. …
  • Third Year - The Artists

    30 Ago 2009, 20:32 de Richardgm

    Today, August 30, 2009 marks my third year on last.fm. My custom is that every year on this day I post my top ten tracks and my top ten artists of the past 365 days.

    Click for Year 1
    Click for Year 2

    In total I have played over 139 265 tracks*.
    Therefore I played over 39 000 tracks in one year.
    An average of 109 songs were played each day (down from 132)

    – 1. X-Ray Dog - played 1,258 this year (11,446 total).
    NEW 2. Martin Phipps - played 1,123 this year.
    ▲3. Michael Jackson - played 1,059 this year (2,927 total).
    ▼4. Future World Music - played 1,058 this year (2,592 total).
    ▲5. Mariah Carey - played 958 times this year (3,532 total).
    ▲6. Beyoncé - played 900 times this year (1,399 total).
    NEW 7. Audiomachine - played 873 times this year.
    ▼8. Moby - played 782 times this year (2,526 total)
    ▲9. Brandy - played 777 times this year (1,158 total)
    ▲10. Andrea Bocelli - played 742 times this year (1,438 total)

  • 2nd Year - The Artists

    31 Ago 2008, 22:49 de Richardgm

    Click for 1 Year - The Artists

    /note/ I started this Journal on the 30th, but didn't publish until I finished editing.

    Today, August 30, 2008 marks my second year on last.fm. And to not break with tradition, I am going to list, and detail my top 10 artists played in some 365 days.

    number denotes amount played in 12 months
    (number denotes amount times played in total)

    – 1. X-Ray Dog - 3,709 (10,186)
    ▲ 2. E Nomine - 2,483 (2,503)
    NEW 3. Future World Music - 1,534
    ▲ 4. Immediate Music - 1,409 (3,149)
    NEW 5. Within Temptation - 1,399
    ▲ 6. Mariah Carey - 1,353 (2,569)
    ▲ 7. Moby - 1,218 (1,744)
    NEW 8. Tarja Turunen - 1,203
    ▼ 9. Lesiëm - 1,181 (6,904)
    ▼ 10. Enya - 1,121 (3,117)

    Firstly one must note that X-Ray Dog is once again atop my charts.
    Additionally, 3 artists are new, while 6 are artists I played prior to Aug 30, 2007.