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Fuck Buttons

Rough Steez (4:43)


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  • I picture a time lapse of cities being built, land becomes concrete, industrialization, etc. Something like Koyaanisqatsi.
  • That beat is sick.
  • Fucking great.
  • amazing live - nintendo!
  • !
  • If you ever get a chance to see them 500 km if you have to. (2)
  • eargasm
  • love it when lisbon comes in at the end... rest of the song is fuckin great too
  • The sample is BoC-ish... i mean Geogaddi album, terrible track !
  • this was intressing on amt
  • If you ever get a chance to see them 500 km if you have to.
  • I'm singing along. Enchanting!
  • Best song on Tarot Sport, it's just greatest motherfuckin' noise & rythmic beats couple that I've ever seen!
  • It should be "Rough Steerz". This is music that you should herd cattle to.
  • fantastic fuck buttons ! love it! new from italy
  • This is brilliant
  • sorry but wtf does rough steez mean
  • wts? - this song is rreally, really good.
  • A robot, ripped out of the sci-fi movies of the 50's & 60's, wandered cluelessly around in the jungle at night, part curious, part scared in a sea of exotic black and blue vines and leaves, only lit by rays from the full moon in the sky, shining down through the scarce holes in the jungles roof. Then all of a sudden, native tribesmen and women of this strange place came jumping out from above the branches, from beneath the soil and out of the bushes and started jumping and dancing wildly in a circle around the little robot, lighting up this small corner of the jungle with their awesome torches and fires. The tribesmen were dressed in fur and bones with white paint all over their faces and their exposed torsoes and legs, and some of them even had drums which they would bang in a tight, crisp rhythm with no error at all. The little robot was startled and scared at first, trying to cover itself from harm by holding it's little metal hands over its little metal head!
  • The little robot soon realised that the tribesmen meant no harm - no harm at all! The little robot led down his guard, and started to enjoy the amazing show that played out in front of him.
  • Eventually, the little robot felt his little metal feet itching and twitching uncontrollably and soon realised, that he too was dancing and jumping up and down - he simply could not control his little metal limbs. The little metal robot felt, for the first time, the joy of being free and able to dance and enjoy the life that had been bestowed upon him many years ago. He was no longer a robot - a slave. He had become a part of the strange tribe that enchanted him with their strange dancing and weird percussions. As the night grew older and older, the little metal tribesman cried out rivers of noise and 8-bit sounds of sheer joy. And maybe.. Juuuust maybe a little drop of jet black oil fell from his cheek. Until the day the rust got the best of him, he lived as a happy and free little boy despite being a little artificial construction of iron and wiring...
  • that is one rough ass steez
  • wow this was truly amazing, the progression was perfect
  • the beginning of this is reminiscent of [artist]Suicide[/artist]'s [track artist=suicide]Ghost Rider[/track]
  • best song of 05
  • great.
  • eargasm
  • @marzuki1: really? i mean, i find the lisbon maru and olympians both have much cheesier chord progressions than this one. not saying it's a bad thing but i don't really find this song overly cheesy.
  • Dude, he's making that sound with a gameboy. A GAMEBOY! The old 4-battery one!
  • perfect title
  • trying to dubstep?
  • More like Retarded Steez
  • agreed. as soon as i heard it i thought black dice.
  • Yeah and thats one of the best on load blown..this one is like that one but a lot better :P.
  • yomanhiphopper - yep, it's like Gore.
  • the chord progression is so cheesy :/
  • they forgot an 'e'
  • I've been wondering about this track for awhile. Easily one of the most infectious songs live.
  • they used the word Steez, are you fuckin kidding me, that's pretty gangsta
  • reminds me of load blown a whole lot, but thats great!
  • this kind of reminds me of the prodigy for some reason. it's fucking great
  • They were playing this one live last year. I remember it well.
  • This sounds like an invasion.

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