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Front Line Assembly


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  • @Xelias11 I agree! As I once was a Matrix fanatic teen, wearing a long black leather coat with black sunglasses 24/7, this particular sounding in music will always bring back good ol' memories...
  • a masterpiece, indeed!
  • I'm not really a fan of the first three tracks but Synthetic Forms onwards, this album seriously kicks up the post-apoc vibe.
  • Not really a fan of ebm/industrial but ive always loved this album. the whole post apocolypitic feel it has. i remember driving through the wilderness one night and i took this album with me, was the perfect soundtrack
  • reminds me of steampunk stuff.......
  • They took a lazy wrong turn with the sampling here. Lifting several whole cues from a bunch of horror movie soundtracks and putting a beat over it? Come on.
  • indescribable feelings ♥
  • for me its the soundtrack to rainy urban dusk
  • Implode could have easily been the soundtrack to The Matrix considering it came out a month before the movie. It's the perfect score to it in my view.
  • definitely my favorite FLA album. this album to me is my unofficial soundtrack to the epic film Event Horizon, because so many moments throughout it instantly incite memories of that film (and i'm sure the sampling of it has something to do with it). I knew FLA was years ahead of its time when I first heard that sample "This place is a to-to-to-to-t-t-t-t-t-t-oommb" and then it transitions to an eerie door opening sound!!!! like, thats one of the greatest sound manipulations i've ever heard, and it still sounds awesome 11 years later. and yet thats just a 10 second sample of some of the great sounds this album offers.

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