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Air Structures
Fripp & Eno

Air Structures

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  • What this sounds like is a set of recordings of live performances by Fripp and Eno, most likely in the vicinity of 1973-4, of material that can be found in the albums "No Pussyfooting" (1973), "Discreet Music" (1975) , and "Evening Star" (1975). These three albums were the beginning of my exposure [snicker] to looping music, especially of Mr's Fripp and Eno. Probably recorded in Germany - but I have my doubts as to whether playing in Germany makes it 'krautrock', frankly! In the later part of s1, to beginning bits of s2, it is definitely "An Index of Metals", and Fripp does a lot more live with it and the rest of the pieces than he could on a single side of a 45-minute LP.The recording isn't perfect, I think the balance is a bit to the left, and in very one short section one can hear the rustle of handheld mics. I'm not sure they're from the same performance - but it's beautiful and chilling music to be sure. I'm so tempted to splice these pieces together I can't tell you!
  • Makes me wonder.
  • @dturgentbyrne: Tagging Problem, I suggest. Btw: Your nickname sucks.
  • Great, great stuff!!! But why it hasn'y been officialy released yet? There are dozens of officials concerts by KC, so why not a concert by F&E :)?
  • Why are there so few listeners of s4? (18, compared with over the over 500 listeners of s1, s2, and s3.)
  • Excellent boot.
  • S1 is an absolutely gorgeous piece of music. Like an indian sitar players version of a whale's song of longing to fly among the stars.

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