• Foals Remix Comp Not Long 2 Go READ

    23 May 2008, 5:17 de fringesociety


    Incase you were not aware the Foals Remix Comp only has a couple of days left and we have been listening to some great tracks and strongly believe that alot of talent has come from this comp. Here are a couple that we are inlove with.

    1. Is still the Blaze Tripp remix we know its not fair to other remixers but we just can not get this out of our head someone sent this to us and since then it is now on our ipod. Check it out

    Electric Bloom (Blaze Tripp Remix)

    2. This guy sent us his and we listened and were suprised we like it,
    Electric Bloom (dave zorton remix)

    3.we were going through the parts of the remix comp and came across this remix and dig it love how well paced and in time the whole song is.
    Electric Bloom (Naughty Kids Remix)

    4.And we can not give up on the Edwin Van Cleef remix, we still love this one aswell its so great another one that makes you tap your feet.

    Electric Bloom (Edwin Van Cleef Remix)

  • Foals Remix Competion

    8 May 2008, 6:13 de fringesociety

    Hey there all new friends of Fringe Society,

    If you do not know already Fringe Society is an up and coming online magazine that is about to be launched. We will be hitting the streets takeing snaps of kids in the coolest outfits and asking them what inspires them to wear what they wear.

    Not only will we be doing this we will be following the latest music and what is hot right now. The website will be launched start of next week. And next saturday night we will be attending Fakers gig at Zoo in brisbane to take photos of kids.

    But for now in music we love FOALS and are paying close attention to the Electric Bllom Remix competition and who's remix is going to win and who's remix we are loving.So keep an ear out and have a listen to what we think are the best remix's.

    Here is a list of the Remix's we are loving. Support these guys by listening so they can stay in the top ten for a chance to win.

    Foal Electric Bloom Remix's we love.
    1. Electric Bloom (Blaze Tripp Remix)