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  • @MisterJunior Might've remembered back when you asked but unfortunately, you know. Probably another kraut rock band.
  • Congratulations, this artist is really obscure, but what about you - dear listener - do you also have an obscure music taste to survive in our game called [url=]Obscure Music Game[/url]? Find it out and join us!
  • @RomanyDagger It looks like he deleted his comment. Which group was he comparing Faust to?
  • @trillwave yeah but Faust seems to be a bit more diverse in what sounds they can make - in addition to those sounds being more enjoyable (in my opinion). Both are awesome though.
  • Faust IV is the sickest sh!t I've ever done heard
  • le cul dans les fourmis, le nez dans les étoiles
  • If anyone's looking for a book on Faust beyond what was written about them in Krautrocksampler, Krautrock: Cosmic Rock and Its Legacy and Future Days: Krautrock and the Building of Modern Germany, I'd recommend Faust: Stretch Out Time 1970-1975 by Andy Wilson. Obviously as you can tell from the title it deals with the first phase of Faust's career. Wilson does a good job of discussing each of the albums, Faust's significance within the music world at the time and in the present day and gets some interesting quotes from some of the band members. It's not the most scholarly thing in the world and Wilson admits to writing for the most part from the perspective of a big fan of the group, but he's not afraid to bring up what he feels are legitimate criticisms of the band. Worth picking up if you're interested in the early days of one of music's most creative and mysterious bands.
  • and at the end realize that nobody knows if it really happened
  • jUSt
  • underrated - then and now [3]
  • underrated - then and now [2]
  • Great band
  • sick crew.
  • Ładna to jest muzyka bardzo, ale mój znajomy był na ich "koncercie" i tam trochę pograli muzyki, ale przede wszystkim rzucali w ludzi betonem a wokalista rozwalał jakiś namalowany na poczekaniu bohomaz i wołał "fak jor mader, fak jor fader", tak że dość słabe to było. Postmodernistyczne głupoty. Ale muza fajowa.
  • underrated - then and now
  • Miss Fortune is ma fav song of al time héhé - Triptolemos
  • Faust album simply called 'Faust' is one of the most influential rock albums that's ever been made and a must-listen for every music connoisseur out there.
  • Silly fucking hippies
  • обожаю открывашку с первого альбома, и вообще группа очень сильная (и кстати, не только в 70-е, о чем многие забывают)
  • Tell the Bitch to Go Home - Dre
  • shiggy
  • first time listening to faust, and i can't help but think of how strikingly similar they are to can. really loving it so far though. weird as shit.
  • Лучшая группа для бодуна, несколько раз проверял
  • what, you don't get turned on by dead frenchmen that reek of garlic? mr. moose, you must be out of your mind!
  • i lift my skirt when voltaire turns as he speaks his mouth full of garlic white yes white
  • dirty
  • Montagehalle! Danke schön!
  • Holy shit Faust IV blew my head off and then came back for seconds. We've been going through the golden years of Krautrock on my Podcast, and if you want you can hear us discuss Faust IV over here:
  • Why don't you eat carrots?
  • people should be warned before start to listen to their music
  • "there should be an image of uwe nettelbeck as profile picture, not the band's musicians" - You sir, are a rebel.
  • So Far is the one.
  • 3
  • <3
  • Chromatic <3
  • J'ai Mal Aux Dents is the bomb!
  • "there is no band more mythical than faust" - julian cope. if you dig their sounds, you might dig mine:
  • IV fucks 'em all.
  • Tease me, baby, tease me.
  • @Ton87: in my issue the 4:28 track that starts as you said is "Giggy Smile" and the 3:41 following one (7th track) is called "Läuft... Heißt das Es Läuft Oder Es Kommt Bald... Läuft". But I believe some parts of the album miss in this file.
  • On some issues of Faust IV the 4:28 track that starts with the studio talk "Heist das es läuft oder es kommt bald?" is called "Läuft... Heist das Es Läuft Oder Es Kommt Bald... Läuft" and on some it's called Giggy Smile. Which is correct? I assume the first, but then why do some CDs have the titles wrong?
  • there should be an image of uwe nettelbeck as profile picture, not the band's musicians
  • what else could we do?
  • going places, smashing faces. [3]


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