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  • for all those who want to bring old lastfm back!
  • Ticket going for sale 6th October at Birmingham. Face value or less, PM me.
  • Sign to bring back the old Last FM ... This new one is missing to many of the features that made it good.
  • pete wentz is a meme [4]
  • pete wentz is a meme [3]
  • Hi i'm simon, i'm a young musician an i just finished producing my third music video - if you linke it just follow the links in my profile and you get free downloads for my music.
  • pete wentz is a meme [2]
  • Замечательная группа.
  • Please, people, sign the petition.
  • Музыкальное уродство.
  • Bring back the good old punk rock, FOB
  • American Beauty/American Psycho is just so good like I've fallen in love with them so hard after not listening for years. :')
  • uuu
  • Fourth Of July <3 [5]
  • Fourth Of July <3 [4]
  • pete wentz is a meme
  • They say we are what we are but we don't have to be. I'm bad behavior but I do it in the best way.. ♪
  • Love then before the took a break but their comeback was just amazing!!
  • Fourth Of July <3 [3] fave !
  • C A N S A D A dessa main
  • I seriously need to sit down and spend the next few hours wondering why I've ever stopped listening to them. I missed some good stuff.
  • Favorite Record ♥
  • C A N S A D O dessa main
  • This Ain't a Scene, It's an Arms Race <3
  • She wants to dance like Uma Thurman. [2]
  • She wants to dance like Uma Thurman.
  • <33333333333333
  • Рецензии и музыкальные обзоры. Обсуждаем хорошую музыку)
  • Kings <3
  • Hard rock? Their latest album is listenable, if only because I don't want them to suck, but how is it more "rock" than TTTYG or FUTCT? I wouldn't usually argue genre because I think it's all a bunch of nonsense... but...
  • Fourth Of July <3 [2]
  • So I've really always hated this band. Sorry. But their latest album actually sounds pretty good. Guess they're trying to take a more hard rock route now?
  • "The scene is dead, long live the scene"...
  • Fourth Of July <3
  • American Beauty/American Psycho <333
  • Marcou o meu 2007, agradecendo a existência. ♥ [2]
  • I Don't Care самая вечная, остальной материал либо заезженный и заебал, либо пропиаренный и переоцененный.
  • A Little Less Sixteen Candles, a Little More "Touch Me". ♥
  • Reis <3
  • Охуенный альбом
  • what happened
  • мои guilty pleasure
  • Врете, альбом получился отличный
  • оба последних альбома такое невыносимое говно шо я маму его в рот ебал
  • You are what you love, not who loves you.
  • This Ain't a Scene, It's an Arms Race
  • For me folie a deux is the best album from fob...
  • одна хуйня после 2007го года [1]
  • Hey, we are Sunsets Are Forever and we would be really glad if u could check our new song and give us some feedback!


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