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  • I've underrated "Cowboy"! Now it's in my Top 5 Erasure albums, below "The Circus" and "Chorus", but on par with "Erasure" and "Wild!"...
  • Scrubs actually brought me here. I really love them, I wanna hear more
  • the circus seems to have the strongest lyrics PUTTING BACK THE PIECES OF THE BROKEN DREAM...
  • VCMG brought me here
  • we are dfhk - decay force hong kong.
  • Solsbury Hill is a epic cover.
  • Pure 80's!!! :-)
  • Love 'Sacred [Kid Moxie Remix]'.
  • Simply the Best from The 80's!!! :-) ♥
  • LOOKING!!! <3
  • I love Richard X but seriously The Violet Flame sucks.
  • My 5:th artist to pass 1000 scrobbles! :)
  • new album is amazing ♥ [4]
  • get rid of Richard X...
  • new album is amazing ♥ (3)
  • "New album is better than 90% of the electronic music out right now." Hahhahah !
  • New album is class . Best song is Reason
  • new album is amazing ♥ (2)
  • new album is amazing
  • New album is better than 90% of the electronic music out right now. Pet shop boys did the same thing, came and slayed. Long live 80s synth pop! We just need a new devo album now
  • Do they have two different songs called [track artist=Erasure]Paradise[/track]?
  • Good album: The Violet Flame. Nearly every track could be released as a single
  • I love this band c:
  • Elevation ♥
  • new single "Elevation" is great
  • Erasure's best 3 tracks: Drama! [Krucial Mix]; Supernature [William Orbit Mix]; Hideaway [Little Louie Vega Mix]
  • Erasure's best albums: 1. The Innocents; 2. Wild; 3. The Circus; 4. Wonderland; 5. The Two Ring Circus; 6. Chorus ...All subsequent albums were either poor or had no outstanding songs on them (apart from their solitary one other good song, 'Always' [7" Mix]...Stick your dumb Yank Robot Unicorn meme up your arse, [2009 Mix] BTW).
  • Top Listener No. 5!
  • my 5000th erasure scrobble today: you surround me :)
  • Robot Unicor Attack ♥_♥
  • Well it's a belated happy 20th birthday to 'I Say I Say I Say' from me. (UK release: 16 May 1994). All these songs about men on the moon and running to the sun, lead me to conclude that Erasure are one of the finest acts on the planet!
  • A Little Respect ♥_♥
  • chorus ♥_♥
  • PRESS X TO DASH [521]
  • ''Looking'' bring me here
  • PRESS X TO DASH [520]
  • Didn't know them until listening on ''Looking''. Little Respect <3
  • PRESS X TO DASH [519]
  • I coulb be with u :(
  • Loving the new Christmas album!
  • Gaudete <3 [2]
  • Gaudete <3
  • Your shame is neveeeeeeeeeeeeeer ending! just one psychological drama after another! You are guilty!!!
  • PRESS X TO DASH [666]
  • PRESS X TO DASH [517]
  • you guys, so much love
  • PRESS X TO DASH [516]
  • <3


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