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  • last album is fucking garbage. awful clean vocals with generic sound. first EP's and R|R are fucking good.
  • pozdrowienia ze Śląska dla fanów Elitist
  • Rip
  • ick! another great metalcore band falls to the way side cause they're trying to go mainstream. the new album is terrible, doesn't even sound like them.
  • I love the new Album, even though it's totally generic.
  • New album is awesome!!! <3
  • solid new album. nothing special though
  • new album is generic and mediocre. shame.
  • Elitist 2015:,
  • like
  • Return To Sender acoustic <3
  • they haven't put out a bad song, but BtB really wasn't my thing. i come to this band for technicality, not catchiness. i have a lot of other bands in my library that i would go to first if i wanted catchy metalcore.
  • I think it's dumb that the sludge band had to change their name while the progressive metalcore band got to keep the name. And not just because I don't care for metalcore, as far as I can tell, the sludge one was formed first.
  • Shit.
  • They have cool riffs but I don't like the unclean vocals.
  • v I lol'd at your name.
  • I lol'd at their name
  • I hope they go back to their "Reshape Reason" sound
  • Miss the old elitist
  • Equinox is one of the best songs I've ever heard!
  • Caves was great, Earth was shit, Reshape Reason was great, BtB was shit. I guess they're due for a good album now? not all that hyped for it though. Vice Versa was the only good song on the EP.
  • Хороши ребятки
  • So good!!!! <3
  • Man.....this band used to be so fucking good.
  • If you like elitist try listening my band: we worked really hard to put this out, please check it out, thanks! :)
  • v they're good, but so is the metalcore band.
  • Ew ew ew this is not the fucking crust Elitist that everyone should be listening to.
  • Hi there! Check this out!!
  • new ep sucks!
  • I don't even see the point of listening to these guys any more. These guys are everything predictable about current progressive metalcore. It's funny because all their similar artists are fantastic.
  • why is it fucking lowercase do i have to cut a bitch in the forums [3]
  • why is it fucking lowercase do i have to cut a bitch in the forums [2]
  • all u haters just listen to equinox and stfu (2) the new ep is AMAZING in regard to the melodic content and clean vocals. it's definitely one of the nicest releases of 2013, so far.
  • you guys might dig this new Change of Loyalty djam..
  • why is it fucking lowercase do i have to cut a bitch in the forums
  • coll stuff, they are quite individual in the style of playing that should be aprecciated
  • Сочные брейки |m| 2! Заслуживают внимания
  • Not seeing where that new EP is anything like Erra.
  • to the person who compared the new EP to Erra, consider the fact that Erra has beautiful cleans and interesting riffs
  • the new EP is terribad. i just really liked them when they were progressive metalcore. i never wanted all this chugging. i never wanted this clean singing. the difference between FTFD and Elitist is that FTFD created a new sound for itself that was on the same level as its old sound, just in a different style. Elitist have not done so. I've seen this coming since the Earth EP, despite the fact it was solid and listenable. This is not. This is half-hearted, half-assed, boring, good-hookless, good-riffless rubbish. Very disappointed.
  • clean singing needs to go
  • new ep is ok. too much singing imo. if the singing was only in my favorite song on the ep "Lonely Giant" the EP would be nice instead of just ok. :P the singing feels natural on Lonely Giant whereas on the other songs it feels a little tacked on. have heard far worse - the downfall of From the Fallen Dreams...
  • the good band changed name to Bastard Feast
  • Illuminati bullshit, go home
  • the new song is meh. caves is still the best.
  • new pictures uploaded:,
  • If you are into Metalcore then you NEED to listen to the new song of Andy Rive.
  • all u haters just listen to equinox and stfu
  • The sludge band changed their name to Bastard Feast


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