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  • If All She Has Is You <3 love the 80s vibe
  • Very soft, gentle sound. Innerworld is great.
  • bean
  • Listening this band make me think that if Cocteau Twins had to be Young and be in the modern times, It would make this kind of music. or Alternatively, this band look like Cocteau Twins' next generation.
  • Rediscovering this band with the song ''innocence'' ....and it's become my favourite so far ...on repeat ..
  • Nice!
  • Album Of The Year! It's near perfect.
  • "without YOUUUUUU" !!!!!
  • i like this sound.. only i would have added more fast songs to the album but i reckon it would've lost its atmosphere.. but still..
  • Nostalgic sounds. <3
  • the first 3 tracks on the album are awesome and really built up my hopes but after that, it kinds of meanders off into nothingness. maybe it will grow on me over time. let's hope so.....
  • yes, that's the one
  • If All She Has Is You ♥♥♥
  • Новый альбом - сказка. Будет с чем пережить зиму.
  • The new album is near perfect. ♥ ♥ ♥
  • Finallyyyyyyyyyyyy (wtf with the artwork tho? )
  • Runaway is such an addiction. A great electropop tune.
  • So stoked about upcoming album...
  • roll on the 30th september
  • понравилось
  • What happened to their album? I've been waiting like 3 years...
  • nice!
  • If you enjoy Electric Youth, come check out the new City Flux Mix Tape, featuring "Innocence" and 19 other indie tracks on
  • don't like the new song, it isn't a hit, like the others )
  • I cannot get enough of them...
  • Gosh, I want an Innocence poster so bad
  • these guys are gods
  • New track, beautiful stuff
  • The singer is so cute.
  • where i can find the mp3 of their songs? thank you
  • How bout an ep with more than 2 songs on it? Anything. COME. ON.
  • The Best Thing (Instrumental):
  • When are they gonna release an album? [2]
  • when are they gonna release an album?
  • lovely<3
  • amazing!
  • Hero!!
  • Thanks @IronPenguin ! Hey people, if you like Electric Youth as much as I do you have to check out [artist]Kristine[/artist]'s Modern Love EP! the girl kickass.
  • What do we want? Album. When do we want it? Now.
  • "Monkey's on my back, a scorpion's on yours..." -- freakin love that line!!
  • Waaaaa! I'm freakin obsessed with this (new to me) band -- they are so damned delicious!!! Never thought I'd have any fondness for the 80s. If you poke around on the web they actually have a variety of demos and collaborations and such that you can stream, beyond just their few official singles. I've located something close to 30 tracks (some of which are various remixes of a given song, such as 6 versions of "Replay"). Not as satisfying as a true album, but better than nothing in the meantime. They've also got some playlists they mixed together over on the Valerie Records blog -- those are a fun listen too.
  • Они классные. Надо их в ГТА вайс-сити запилить и поиграть
  • @neon-junker2 Nice artist description
  • very nice
  • Ok, now it's the right time to change the description. Hope it's good now.
  • That artist description is incomprehensible.
  • The Best Thing is their best single yet!!! <3
  • видел вживую - просто великолепны! солистка хороша)


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