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  • Fantastic!
  • Soooooooo goodd
  • dat scat!
  • One just cannot listen to his trademark wada-bing-bing-bing-ben without a wide smile on their face.
  • Free Eek!
  • a friend with weed is a friend indeed... I and I love the weed
  • eek-a-ecki
  • king mouse, the black cowboy ♥
  • Hello Good day, my name is Lilian , I read your information on, and find it truly interesting . That is why I am contacting you so that we can get to know each other better for personal relationship , beside I have a special issue to discuss with you on a very serious note ; i hope to hear from you soon . please contact me on this email address ( ) so that i send you my pictures and also tell you more about my self . All I need is your understanding and interest for more information about me .. Take care as I wait for your response ,( ) Yours Lilian
  • pure love! @maquinas, I think not only that song from Eek-A-Mouse is herb friendly lol
  • Legend!
  • Wa-Do-Dem is sooo weed-friendly...
  • Luv
  • ecki ecki-biddydididi
  • Beddameng Beddameng!
  • I see stars and peeni walli beddameng!
  • Beddameng! Dong ding dong ding dong dang dang!
  • biddy biddy
  • This music is the best ! :)
  • saw him for free in san jose, such a dope artist!
  • Skidip Skidip ;] [2]
  • miaaaaaaaaaaaaaau
  • dam dam dam...
  • Eyee Eyeee
  • early early sunday mornin'...
  • Ajer an removal
  • do you remember those days of slavery?
  • Skidip Skidip ;]
  • makes me chill out, in a realy positive way
  • The original rude boy Jamaican...
  • Just great.
  • wah -do -dem no 1 track rule yah hear me
  • wicked far reach
  • o cd é bom, o show é um lixo.
  • love this guy. hope he tours canada soooooon!
  • Diddy dong dong fuck yeah fuck yeah
  • Plelen Ey!
  • i like
  • a wado dem dem dem!
  • this guy fuckin owns
  • ;]:) ganjaa!!
  • Bang bang biddy bong bong..
  • :]
  • ben ge ge ben gen:))
  • "Bread in the oven bakin', Hear comes to Rude boy Jamaican" in Berlin tomorrow :-) Muhaha!!
  • long time ago is a heavy track! keep em rolling Eek-a
  • I could have seen him live, but I only found out about it the next day :-(
  • hemp me, hemp me, my ganja bag is empty... <3
  • Riktigt jävla tung


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