• One plus one is three, I'm telling you... (eef review)

    9 Jul 2008, 23:27 de ChudleyCannons

    Tue 24 Jun – Eef Barzelay, Ferraby Lionheart
    So. I took Brooke, as an early birthday present, to see Eef at Schuba's in Chicago on June 24, 2008. Yeah. A while ago already. Whoops.

    I had never seen Eef Barzelay before as the headliner. Granted, I doubt I would have ever heard of him if not for opening for Mr. Folds. Be that as it may, a Eef headlining show is so much better. Though. I do love him as an opener, cause there's more shows I can make it to, cause Ben's stops are closer together. Anyway.

    We had a hard time finding a place to park near Schuba's. Drove by Eef who was by the van several times. I don't know why, but seeing the artist you're their to see before the gig is almost awkward. I remember one time in Columbia, MO (if you were wondering so much) Brooke and I were on a search for a ATM and we were talking about someone on the Ben Folds livejournal community who once walked by Ben and regretted not stopping to talk. And I was saying something about how if Ben walked by me I'd promtly turn around. …