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  • 2004 i have decided to give this collection away, for a while. hey free, boys and girls!
  • you can now get Rainbow Bridge on cassette from OSR-tapes.
  • love ya ed
  • heads up: new double 10” record set. 2 radio shows. Ed & Steve Gunn. Ed & Josh Burkett. order here:
  • EU-UK 2013 tour slide show and song.
  • lover-lee...
  • new Q & A interview video.
  • nobody's preacher lol. thanks though.
  • Damn the man Ed Askew is so rad! Psych Folk at it's best. Somewhere between Tom Rapp and Simon Finn and just as ingenious. The man is remarkable at crafting beautiful sounding songs, void of all pretentiousness. Practically unobtainable in today's culture drained of depth and receded to the shallow pools which we all reflect. The very man is here before us now! Eager to preach and stronger than ever in toned sermon. Pay heed or forever wallow in moronizing kiddie pools poured of concreted pissings. So it goes...
  • new album on Tin Angle Records. out in Sept.
  • beautiful music and you seem like such a nice guy
  • Just released this new tape for Ed, thought ya'll might dig it!
  • Tony Rettman interview with E A in the VILLAGE VOICE
  • >red woman - letter to england not in the top 5
  • huh, i'm surprised it's taken me this long to discover this. pretty darn great.
  • REminds me a bit of Nick Drake...
  • like this very much.. thx Ed ;-)
  • I think the reason they're voting against those photos is because of a general dislike of official images. Personally I like Outdoor Ed With Yellow Chair, but people like to choose the image themselves.
  • Red Woman - Letter to England is a staggeringly great song. Thanks for the music Ed.
  • E47
    ass cue
  • thank you based askew
  • new video / song.snaps of the June tour.
  • free song from 1986. part of a TV session here:
  • beautiful! his voice reminds me of bob dylan, tallest man on earth AND brian molko. at a first listen.
  • a new collection. made Winter 2010-11
  • the show at the Suffolk ( inNY) on the 30th (10pm) is free btw.
  • IMPERFICTION is easily the best reissue of 2011, so far. I can't stop spinning it.
  • Ed I'm very sorry I can't make it tomorrow night I have to work and do taxes - I seriously don't think I can make it
  • i accidentally deleted the post referred to by my unhappy fan so here it is:
  • I'm totally digging Ask the Unicorn, but I'm super bummed out that the man himself vandalized his own page with a plug (the comment/shout immediately below this) for overhyped shit like Radiohead!!??!! And he can't spell :-) Now I'm a disillusioned fan :-)
  • Ed and Steve Gunn playing on internet radio.. free download or just listen.
  • I'm totally fascinated with "at home in the factory".
  • if you leave comments on individual songs Last.FM does NOT send me a email for that. so, i will only see your song comments when i am surfing my site.. and i may just miss them. sorry. better to leave your comments on this page or on the ecaskew (click my icon) home page. Ed.. and thanks everybody for your support. : )
  • a stunning genius!
  • IMPERFICTION release video ..out on Drag City tiple and Harpsichord songs recorded in 1984
  • ************ 2 song (1969) 7' vinyl release..****************************
  • out in March : ) tiple and harpsichord songs. recorded in 1984.
  • check out my new album of experimental music at bandcamp. free download.
  • The new [tag]Dandelion Radio[/tag] compilation CD [album artist=Various Artists]Broadcast One[/album] features a beautiful rendition of the track '[track artist=Ed Askew]When I Arrive[/track]' from a live session [artist]Ed Askew[/artist] recorded for Dandelion Radio - this version of 'When I Arrive', recorded with [artist]Steve Gunn[/artist] on accompaniment, has got to be one of my all time favourite tracks. Out now on [label]Odd Box Records[/label] [url][/url] follow this link for info.
  • Wow, great.
  • lovely
  • "I used to live here" - Awesome . Thanks. I love your artwork, I had no idea...... Very nice indeed. - Thanks!
  • NEW ALBUM.. The KIDS of WISCONSIN up at bandcamp
  • I read somewhere you can't play the tiple anymore due to ct. Sorry to hear this,if it is true. I have fond memories of getting "live" concerts in my room. Your cousin Billy.
  • <3
  • Ed at iLike. some songs you can hear. full tracks.
  • just plain delightful :)
  • i have uploaded BLUE PIANO..a privet release from 07
  • video i can't put here.. wrong format maybe.


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