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  • Suspicious Minds is a great cover by DY!!
  • V’s of Birds <3
  • Cool Music
  • Great new album
  • Love this Music
  • great country
  • I've just come here having watched Panic Room, and... this is not what I was expecting!
  • Wow. I just heard this guy (Guitars, Cadillacs, Etc., Etc.) for the first time and he's completely changed my perception of country music. This is great.
  • fine album
  • Rock It All Away D-W-I-G-H-T...LOVE THREE PEARS.
  • Damn good new album indeed.
  • Wonderful new album, very enjoyable. I liked Nothing But Love, A heart Like Mine and Take Hold of My Hand the best
  • Stockholm a few days ago, lovely. Love You Dwight!!!
  • He's my number 1.
  • I like a lot of artists, even a bunch of mainstream acts, notably Dierks, Miranda, Gary Allan, Vince. But I just rediscovered DW's "This Time" and I have to say he is my #1 favorite. This cd is flawless and I can't stop listening! This is Country, folks. Sounds even better than it did when it came out. I got his first 2 records on vinyl back in the day and fell for him. I didn't keep up w/ him so I'm playing catch up. Best there is. Rock on, Dwight.
  • Turn It On, Turn It Up, Turn Me Loose
  • One of the better actor/musicians as well. He was great in The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada.
  • Dwight + Beck = Insane!
  • hang onto this buddy !!!!!
  • There are select few in any genre that are at this level of originality, genius and ability.
  • Tight Dwight
  • A true old-school rock 'n' roller; I don't care what his clothes and his twang say otherwise. He's a genuine badass.
  • wee dogies!!!
  • He's the man
  • hey cousin whats up want to come see you some time your cousin pam and dennis hope you had a good
  • It's not hard to call Dwight country, it's hard to call country fuckin Taylor Swift)
  • It's hard to call him "country" because that implies so much bad twangy pop crossover stuff now...he's just Dwight Yoakam. And whatever style of music it is that he plays is fucking awesome.
  • I totally agree .. this man is great
  • One of the few country artist I can listen to. Great songwriting.
  • if there was a way
  • Only discovered him recently but man this guy is good
  • jesus christ, can he sit down in those tight jeans? they look painful, but he ROCKS :)
  • "The county won't give me no more methadone, and they cut off your welfare check." Dwight and Flaco Jimenez is great stuff.
  • i love it=]
  • great stuff that inspire...
  • he saved country when it needed it most!!
  • i've always considered Dwight to be in a class all his own, he's NOTHING like "country". oh where would I be without him...15 WONDERFUL YEARS of enjoyment!!! :)))) Dwight I love you! THANK YOU AND I LOVE YOUR LEGS TOO
  • very cool
  • My favourite "cowboy"!!!!! Real singer of Real Country music!!!!
  • vote this picture up: its so Dwight.
  • He was my idol when i was a kid. So fun to listen to it now.
  • The more authentic singer of the Country Music. GOD BLESS YOU, Mr. Yoakam!!!
  • Dwight's Used Records, my favorite album.
  • Нафиг было сниматся в адреналине 2, теперь антиреспект ему за это
  • "Fantastic. Sticks out like a sore thumb from all of the mainstream country bullshit that's come out the last 25 years." x3.
  • "Fantastic. Sticks out like a sore thumb from all of the mainstream country bullshit that's come out the last 25 years." x2.
  • Dwight is cool. Sings "at ease" and has his own style...........COOL
  • Buenos Noches From A Lonely Room
  • your my cousin
  • Hallo


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