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Dream Theater

Never Enough (6:51)


  • Muse's Hysteria? Its Stockholm Syndrome..
  • check out Muse's "Hysteria". The beginning's are pretty similiar. meh.
  • i dont see what everyones going on about muse, i cant hear anything like muse in this:S
  • 6doit is.. well, especially Disc One
  • Dream Theater - Stockholm Syndrome
  • "Octavarium is Dream Theater's most experimental album" LOL, 6DOIT it is.
  • Heard this for the first time right now. Like everyone else I instantly thought of Muse.
  • First thing I thought of when I heard this was 'Muse', great song!
  • Intro reminds me of F-Zero =p
  • This is what Muse would sound like if they were a metal band. Haha. I love both bands so it's great for me, I don't think it's a rip off at all, seems like a homage to me.
  • "Octavarium is Dream Theater's most experimental album" LOL, 6DOIT it is.
  • Lol this is Dream Theater doing Muse, whoa.
  • I've convinced several people that this IS a Muse track, haha. It's a great song but it really does sound unnervingly like them.
  • Well I don't really like Muse, but I like this song so it doesn't really matter to me
  • Hsu
  • Muse Theater!! ahah xD
  • Because I can only take so much of your ungrateful ways
  • Apparently people don't know what an homage is.
  • chanson de ouf. rien de similaire à muse.
  • Muse Theater!!! hahahaha xDDD... nice shoot!!! (Y)
  • I love Muse Theater. XD
  • no love for that fucking sick solo!?? <3<3<3<3<3<3
  • Yea this definitely sounds like Muse; but well Muse is a cool band too. But I agree it's a bit of a ripoff
  • The main riff sounds like Hysteria. The chorus is Stockholm Syndrome ripoff. The solo is similar to what Matt played on Hullabaloo before Screenager. yet still an awesome song.
  • Why on earth isn't Hyseria is similair tracks? That similair tracks thing hardly ever says a track that actually sounds a bit like the one its supposed to be similair to.
  • i think that really only the riffs sound alike...
  • Thanks! This song is awesome!
  • In what album is included this song?
  • yeah it does sound like Muse but it's SUCH A COOL SONG!
  • Most underrated song on the album.
  • Muse?
  • I totally second Republicanito.
  • I love Muse. I love Dream Theater. And yeah, I love this song too ^^
  • Crushedtodust: Where'd you get that?
  • hmm.. mixed feelings
  • Oh my god, that's why this song sounded so peculiar when I listened to it a while back, it's a blatant ripoff of Muse. Come to think of it, the whole album sounded like Muse at parts. I'm not saying it's a bad song, but really, it's a bit too much borrowing without acknowledgment.
  • Muse were around before this song. <_<
  • Haha yes, because Muse were around before DT and all.
  • Omagad I'm listening to Stockholm Syndrome
  • [artist]Muse[/artist] wannabes lmao.
  • love the solo, but the backing normal guitar parts during the verses are amazing
  • Good song; solo section makes me cream
  • Wonderful
  • Very good song. Indeed, great solo.
  • Great solo
  • it's the DT answer to muse's 'stockholme syndrome'.
  • i like this.
  • I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought Muse?! when listening to this song..
  • The solo is hell of a solo! God that's cool :)
  • Guess I'm the only one who doesn't really like this song, not a fan of muse and thus don't like the muse like vocals for the verses, it seems like James is just wasting his operatic potential, especially since nowadays his voice is stronger than ever before.


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