• MagFest 2010

    25 Oct 2010, 19:37 de webbix

    Thu 21 Oct – 14th Annual MagnoliaFest

    Not sure what more you could ask for. As always lots of great music, great people, great weather and great fun. Thursday ended with a single scheduled performance by Railroad Earth to set the pace for the rest of the weekend. While all the bands I heard put on some of the best shows I have seen I think the show of the fest was Dread Clampitt out on the Meadow Stage. While it was the Dread slot, they brought out several guests and ended up with almost an hour of Tornado Rider sharing the stage. Even after playing a long set the gave an encore after the crowd stayed and clapped for over 5 minutes. The sound crew who were officially done for the night stayed on to allow the bands to play till almost 2 am (they were over at 12:45). Also enjoyed Tornado Rider's set earlier on the Meadow Stage. Strapped on cello played hard rock style to classical and high energy acrobatics all without missing a beat. One of the best and most entertaining shows you will…
  • You Might Know These Artists. Can You Introduce Me? [v. 2.0]

    15 Mar 2007, 17:39 de emergingsynergy

    I am going to a music festival in rural North Florida called Suwannee Springfest. But I hardly know anything about most of the artists who are appearing! And I have no music from nearly all of them.

    But I have heard some of the music, and I have heard and enjoyed the kind of music that will be there. And I know I will love the venue, because I've been there. It will be a great time and wonderful music, for sure

    But do you know any of these artists? If so, can you recommend what music of theirs I should seek out to get "the flavor" of what they do? What musicians on this list should be on my "don't miss" list, and why? I know I won't want to even try to see all of them. Indeed, I might take a nap or two! OK. So here is the list: