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  • yeah
  • GEIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • sounds like marilyn manson x rob zombie
  • I forgot all about Rhino having this as his entrance music. Cheers Ravenpryde for reminding me.
  • «... I don't care nothing about it...»
  • pleasant memories of Rhino coming out to this back in the old ECW :)
  • love that
  • Too bad it was in "The Fast and the Flatulent". That disgraces it just a bit.
  • Sounds alot like that band "Union Underground"... I prefer them over this group.
  • die motherfucker die!
  • Love it! love it! :)
  • Does sound kinda like manson. Still a good band either way.
  • YESSSSSSSSSS LVOE THIS SONG. This is playing when they raid Tran's house and friends in 'The Fast and the Furious' :D
  • the intro kinda sounds like slipknot
  • R U F&#@!*G KIDDING ME?!?!?!?! AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!
  • I alway think that´s a song by Wednesday 13 ^^ don´t know why, but I actually do ! =)
  • they have better songs..but it's not too bad after all..
  • not exactly my type of music but.... its awesome :D Btw I also thought it was Manson at first lol
  • it's fucking great !*-*
  • it's auh ight
  • first fast and furious
  • Fast and furious raid scene music :P
  • Wow, whenever I heard this song come on in a metal club I used to frequent, I thought it was Manson! :0 lol. Awesome sound though!
  • Fast and Furious :S.
  • Fast and the furious.. :3
  • fucking great...!!!
  • awesome beat, and vocals
  • fast and the furious! ;-)
  • omg this song rockzz!
  • Love this song!
  • KiCk Ass SonG
  • great in concert-open act for Disturbed at only 15 bucks!
  • Power!!!
  • 3er
    Yeah, sounds rly good.
  • not a bad sound
  • wow he could almost double MM in singin this song
  • sounds like MM 8)
  • When I first heard this song, I thought Marilyn Manson and Rob Zombie had gotten together and created a baby. Liked it on first hearing, then after a few more listens it rapidly became irritating to me.
  • i don't get this song???
  • this sounds like manson fuck these ripoffs
  • If you like this look at the song Die MF die
  • LOL he really sounds like Marilyn Manson on this Track.
  • I love Dope.
  • sounds like Children of bodom
  • Yeah he sounds like Manson
  • so are you but we don't bitch about it.
  • fast and furious is gay. good song though.
  • I like this song it was in the fast and the furious.


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