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  • So good in an encore by The Postal Service!
  • 244 other people listened to this song with you around the world today
  • The best part is when it drops to alternating measures of 7/8 and 9/8 in the first chorus. This song is great.
  • damn this song is good
  • if only a new postal service album just could sound like this [2]
  • (This Is) The Best Song Of All Time
  • your eyelashes tickled my neck with every nervous blink
  • ringing ringing ringing ♥
  • I love this so much
  • I used to dream about Chan Marshall too.
  • Probably the best song. Out of all of the songs. Ever.
  • Wonderful track
  • :3
  • timeless
  • the 'ringing ringing' part is an eargasm
  • This is awesome.
  • love it!
  • grrrrreat!!
  • chefraekwon77 - Weird, I forgot about this one too.
  • forgot about this one
  • great song!!!
  • oh yeah
  • if only a new postal service album just could sound like this
  • all time..
  • i wont let go i wont let go, even if you say so oh no..
  • excellent... love the vocals
  • this is wonderful; dramatic, flowing, makes me happy:-)
  • wow
  • seven years later and i'm still in love with this song.
  • white sun. bleaching out the color. damn my eyes. divine.
  • Senses Overdose
  • everytime I listen to this I can see a love in my head
  • beautiful
  • never gets old, even after almost a decade
  • luv
  • absolutely beautiful song and such sweet lyrics.
  • I love the Postal Service, but this beats anything they produced under that moniker, hands down.
  • Magic, magic, true magic.
  • oh no
  • and it was perfect until the telephone started; ringing ringing ringing ringing ringing off...
  • great lyrics & music
  • this reminds A LOT of 2004, for particular reasons. it's good and kind of nostalgic listening to it again in such a large hiatus (something like 4 years).
  • This song never gets old.
  • I was always told that this transcended anything the Postal Service would do a few years later. I would have to agree.
  • this band is love
  • goes by too fast.
  • noizy
  • <3 I wont let go let go
  • Increible, me ha encantado dar con esta banda.
  • I totally love the way the vocals are rendered in this!


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